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How to Visit the Marjan Hill Viewpoint of Split

How to Visit the Marjan Hill Viewpoint of Split

A visit to Split is not complete without taking in a view of the city from above. And when it comes to viewpoints, there is none better than the Marjan Hill Viewpoint that overlooks the entire Old Town.

While most people who visit Split simply spend their time around the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace, or out at sea, I would highly recommend spending a couple hours to take in the Marjan Hill view.

This guide will talk through all you need to know about the Marjan walking trail and how to get to the top on your own.

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1) How to Get to Marjan Hill

Before making your way up to the Marjan Hill viewpoint, you first will need to make your way to the starting point of the walking trail.

While there are many entrances to the Marjan area, I will be talking about one of the main routes that begins right at Teraca Vidilica – a bar and restaurant that offers quite the panoramic view of its own.

If staying in the Old Town, then I would recommend just making the walk over on your own. From the Riva Promenade (the main waterfront promenade of the city), it is just a 15 minute walk towards Vidilica.

On the other hand, if you are staying farther away from the Old Town, you can also take a taxi ride to the restaurant (or even all the way up to the viewpoint itself).

Another option is to take a taxi into the Old Town and make the walk from there before/after touring around the city itself.

If you are walking from the Old Town, be aware as you get closer to the base of Marjan Hill the climb up will begin. This is not a flat path by any means, so do be prepared for a bit of elevation gain.

Below is a Google Maps view of the walk from the promenade up to Vidilica:

For those that just want a meal or drink with a view, this may be enough for you as it still does offer quite the view of Split.

However, if you are up for a bit more elevation gain and even higher viewpoints, then you will want to continue up to the top Marjan Hill viewpoint (also marked on the map above).

Split Restaurant View

2) Where to Stay in Split

Since nearly all the attractions and things to do are located centrally in the downtown “Old Town” area, that is where I would recommend you stay during a visit.

This will give you the ability to just head out your hotel door and be right in the center of the action.

You will be close to all the attractions, the top dining options, and the riverfront promenade. This will also take away any hassle of worrying about taxis as everything will be in walking distance.

You can find a whole variety of hotel options around the city – everything from high luxury to cheap hostels. Below are some of my top recommendations by price point.

Mid-Range: Plaza Marchi Old Town | Central Square Heritage Hotel | Art Hotel

Luxury: Piazza Heritage Hotel | Cornaro Hotel | Hotel Luxe

Budget: Palace Augubio | Jupiter Luxury Hotel | Hotel Globo

↔ If you are renting a car in Croatia, be sure to check out, which will have a variety of rental options to choose from for your trip.

Split Croatia Architecture

3) Marjan Hill Walking Trail Map

Before talking about the trail itself, I thought it may be helpful to outline the route that I took up to the Marjan Hill viewpoint.

As mentioned, there are several trails that can take you up to the top, as well as plenty more trails that will take you further along in the park.

If looking just to head up to the viewpoint, then the map below can be a good guide for you to follow.

The screenshot of the map is taken from the app, which I highly recommend to download in general.

Marjan Hill Map

4) Marjan Hill Viewpoint

Now that you have a bit of background about the walk and how to get to the starting point, the rest of this guide will go into detail about the walking trail as well as the various viewpoints that you will take in along the way.

Once you make it to the starting point at the bar/restaurant, you can take in the view before continuing further up on Marjan Hill.

Split Restaurant

If looking away from the city, you will see a path on the left hand side that you can follow towards the main viewpoint area.

After walking for about 5 minutes on the pathway you will come across the small Church of St Nicholas.

Directly behind the church on the right hand side you will see a staircase. Be sure to turn right and follow the staircase here as it will take you on a more direct route towards the Marjan Hill viewpoint.

Church of St Nicholas Split
Marjan Hill Stairs

As you continue your way along the pathway, you are sure to get some great views of the surrounding areas overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

If you have, you can also see icons for “viewpoint” areas on the map. Be sure to check these out! Some of these will be right on the main path, while others may require just a quick circular detour.

Split Harbor Viewpoint
Split Croatia Views

Soon enough though, you will reach the final set of stairs that will take your directly straight up and towards the viewpoint area.

Marjan Hill Staircase

Up top you should see the Croatian flag come into view as you continue along the staircase and get closer to the viewpoint.

Once you reach the top of Marjan Hill, you will be welcomed to some fantastic views all around you with the city of Split down below, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.

You will have views of the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace, the Split harbor area, and the surrounding mountain ranges further out in the distance.

Marjan Hill Croatia Flag
Marjan Hill Views

After spending some time at this viewpoint, you can continue along for a bit as you approach the large cross that sits opposite of the Croatian flag, and take in some views from there as well.

Marjan Hill Cross
Top of Marjan Hill

Now that you have taken in the Marjan Hill viewpoint, you can decide to just head back in the same direction you came, or you can continue along exploring some more areas of Marjan Hill.

I took a bit of a detour as I walked back and got to take in some additional views of the other side of Marjan Hill.

I then found my way back to the original pathway, walked past the Church of St Nicholas, and then back to the starting point.

Marjan Hill Adriatic Sea
Marjan Hill Walk

Once all finished up with Marjan Hill, you can then spend some time enjoying the rest of what Split has to offer. Feel free to check out this guide about what to do in One Day in Split, for more activities and attractions.

That wraps up your time at the Marjan Hill viewpoint of Split. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them in below.

Also be sure to check out the other Croatia itineraries and guides up on the site.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Marjan Hill Viewpoint Walk

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