One of my favorite countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has so much to offer its visitors. From bustling cities to beautiful beach towns to one of a kind scenery, Vietnam offers all of that and more. During my time there, I was able to visit three major cities from south to north including Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and Hanoi. The itineraries that you will find below will focus in on those three cities, with a few differences among each one.


The 14 day itinerary will take you to it all – Ho Chi Minh City for a few days, the beaches and old town of Hoi An, and finishing up in Hanoi with trips to both Halong Bay and Sapa

The 10 day itinerary is a shortened version of the two week one, as you will need to choose between either a Halong Bay or Sapa multi day excursion from Hanoi

Finally there is a 7 day itinerary as well for those with less time to explore the country. You will still be able to visit those three cities, however you will have a few less days in each one.


Below the itineraries you will also find several guides that will go more in depth about certain excursions and activities that you can take part of during your time in Vietnam. Have fun out there and feel free to reach out with any questions!


Vietnam Itineraries

2 Weeks in Vietnam

  Welcome to the 2 Weeks in Vietnam Itinerary! This 2 weeks in Vietnam itinerary is the perfect route for those who are headed to Vietnam for the first time and want to see a variety of cities throughout the country. The itinerary will take you from south (Ho Chi...

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The Best 10 Day Vietnam Itinerary

  Welcome to the 10 Day Vietnam Itinerary! This 10 day Vietnam itinerary will take you all throughout Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An and Hanoi as well as on a side trip to either the beautiful Halong Bay or to the vast countryside of Sapa. You will get to spend just enough...

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One Week in Vietnam

  Welcome to the One Week in Vietnam Itinerary! While one week in Vietnam is not the longest time to explore what this country has to offer, you can still make a lot out of your time there. This itinerary will take you throughout Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An and Hanoi,...

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Vietnam Guides

Cu Chi Tunnels
Touring the Cu Chi Tunnels

Touring the Cu Chi Tunnels

If you are heading to Ho Chi Minh City and want to get an immersive and first hand history lesson of the Vietnam War then make sure to add in a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels as part of your itinerary. During a half day trip you will get to see what...

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