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One of the main highlights of Hong Kong and where nearly everyone visits during their time there is Victoria Peak, also known as just The Peak. The highest point of Hong Kong island, this mountain gives you the opportunity to view the city from above. The daytime and nighttime pictures of the skyline of Hong Kong are not to be missed and this guide will walk you through all you need to know about how to get to Victoria Peak and what to expect once you reach the top.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong View

1. Introduction to Victoria Peak Hong Kong

When doing research into what to do in Hong Kong, I am sure you will consistently see these pictures of the vast Hong Kong skyline. Most of these pictures are taken up above from the top of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. As you figure out logistics on how to get to Victoria Peak, you should know that there are several different ways to go about it. You can tram, bus, taxi, or even hike up to the top! This Victoria Peak guide will go over all those options and also give some insight into the different viewing opportunities you will get up there. I hope this guide helps answers any questions you may have and that you will be on your way to take in the view for yourself!


2. Map / Location

Below is a map of the Victoria Peak area. Included is the bus terminal and tram station that will take you to the Peak, as well as a hiking option. Also highlighted on the map are three lookout points to take in the view from. The rest of the guide will talk about these options and what to expect.


3. Before You Go – Weather

A very important note before diving deeper in the guide – weather in Hong Kong can be hit or miss, sometimes with fog or clouds overcasting the city. If you want to have the best possible view once you reach the top, you should be flexible with your schedule during your Hong Kong visit. If you see that the weather isn’t looking great then don’t head up there and save the Peak for another day. The last thing you want is to spend the time and money to get to the top and be welcomed to a view of clouds. So, before you head up look up at the sky and check the weather forecast before committing to anything. With that said lets get to some logistics!


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4. How To Get To Victoria Peak

There are four main ways how to get to Victoria Peak depending on your adventure level:


A) The Tram

– Hours: 7AM – 12AM (seven days a week)
– Cost: 37HKD (~$5) one way / 52HKD (~$7) round trip
– Length: 7 minutes (departures every 10-15 minutes)
– Capacity: ~120 people
– Location: Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus

The most popular way to get up the mountain is by the Peak Tram. While this is the most iconic way to make the trip up, beware that it is also the most crowded option as well. Waiting times to get on the tram can get up to 2 hours long! If you do opt for the tram, get there earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds and have a hassle free experience.


B) Bus

– Route: 15
– Hours: ~ 10AM – 12AM
– Cost: 9.80HKD (~$1) one way
– Length: ~45 minutes (departures every 7-15 minutes)
– Location: Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus

A second, cheaper way to get to the Peak is by public transportation. You can take the #15 bus up to the Peak from the Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus. This journey however can get a bit twisty and turny as you make your way up the mountain. It is also one of the longer options as it can take up to an hour to get to the top.


C) Taxi

The easiest way to head up to the Peak is simply by taking a taxi up to the top. Price will all depend from where you are departing from but if you take the MTR to Central Station and cab from there it should cost around 100HKD (~$7).


D) Hike It

The last option would be to walk up to the top. The route will take a while to complete and can get tough since it is an uphill climb. You can do this route with a combination of escalators if you choose so. Take the mid level escalators up to Conduit Road where you can then begin your climb up Old Peak Road (highlighted starting point on map).

You should also feel free to combo any of these options together. For example if you want to avoid the crowds at the lower tram, you can taxi up and then tram down.


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Peak Tram Hong Kong

Filzstift / Wikimedia Commons


5. Experience Victoria Peak

Once you are up on top it is time to enjoy the view! You can opt for a couple different viewing options:


A) Sky Terrace 428

Hours: 10AM – 11PM (Monday to Friday); 8AM – 11PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Cost: 52HKD ($7) or
Peak Tram Sky Pass (Tram + Sky Terrace): 99HKD ($13) round trip  or 84HKD ($11) one way

At the Peak Tower you will find Sky Terrace 428, a 360 degree viewing terrace.​ This is the most convenient and best spots to take in the view. The only downside is that you need to pay to get to the terrace.

Around the area you will also find a couple different museums such as Madame Tussauds as well as the Peak Market, where you can buy all sorts of food and souvenirs. If you want to have lunch or dinner with a view there are also four different restaurant options to choose from.

Peak Tower Hong KongVictoria Peak 428 View

B) ​Lion’s Pavilion

Alternatively you can head over to a free view point area overlooking the city. Right nearby is Lion’s Pavilion, which can offer such a view.

Lions Pavilion Hong Kong

C) Lugard Road Lookout

A second free option would be the Lugard Road Lookout point. This one however is a fit farther away – about a 20 minute walk along Lugard Road. The views here though are fantastic so if you are up for a little farther of a walk it is worth it. If you have another hour or so to spare you can actually can continue on Lugard Road & Harlech Road to take the circular walk around Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

You can plan on spending a couple hours here – taking in the viewpoints, checking out the shopping and even going to one of the museums. Once you have had enough time up top you can make your way down by tram, bus, taxi or by foot.


6. Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is made up of two main parts – Kowloon on the northern side of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island in the south. Staying relatively close by the waterfront in either area should work out well. Also take into account the distance to MTR stations as I am sure you will be taking some metros during your time in Hong Kong.


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That about wraps up the guide to Victoria Peak. Take a look at our other Hong Kong itineraries and guides to help out with any other trip planning.

Hope you enjoy your time in Hong Kong. If you have any questions about the trip please feel free to comment below!


How to get to Victoria Peak


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