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Hiking the Mt Iron Track of Wanaka

Hiking the Mt Iron Track of Wanaka

The mountains around Wanaka offer some of the best hiking opportunities in all of New Zealand. While you have some tougher climbs out there like Roys Peak and Isthmus Peak, one hike that nearly everyone can take part of is the Mount Iron Track. From the top of Mount Iron, you will be able to take in the views of the town below alongside the beautiful Lake Wanaka and the surrounding mountains.

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1) Mt Iron Wanaka Facts

If you are looking to take part of the trail, below are some helpful facts to better prepare you for hike up Mt Iron of Wanaka, New Zealand.


Starting & Ending Point: Mount Iron Trail Parking (see map below)

Mid Point: Top of Mt Iron

Length: 4.5 KM / 2.8 Miles

Duration: 90 Minutes

Elevation Gain: 240 Meters / 787 Feet

Track Type: Mostly Dirt (some rocks and stairs)

Route Type: Loop

Difficulty: Easy


Tip: Head there for sunrise or sunset for some great picture opportunities!

While I would say this is an easy trail to take part of (especially if comparing to some of the other hikes around the area), it does have a bit of elevation gain to go along with it. So just be aware before heading off onto the trail!

Mt Iron Track SignMt Iron Scenic Reserve Wanaka

2) How to Get to the Starting Point

The Mount Iron Track starts just outside the main town center of Wanaka. The official address that comes up on Google Maps is:

Mount Iron Trail Parking, Iron Mountain Trail, Wanaka 9382, New Zealand

Since the starting point is so close to the town center, even if you do not have a car, you can still easily take part of the trail. From Wanaka, it should take less than 30 minutes to get to the trailhead. This would add an additional hour round trip of walking but it still is a pretty convenient hike to take part of.

If you do have a car though, you can drive the 5 or so minutes right to the parking lot and head out from there. Since it is a loop track, you will end right back up at the parking lot at the end of the hike.

To learn more about driving in NZ check out the Driving in New Zealand Guide up on the site.



3) What To Bring on the Trail

Nearly every item that I take on day hikes can be found in the comprehensive Hiking Packing List that I put together. It includes several essentials that will make hiking the New Zealand trails much easier for you. While the Mt Iron Track won’t require many of the items, it is always good to prepare ahead of time for any other trails you decide to go on. The list includes several different items such as:

Hiking Shoes | Keen Targhee

Water Bottle | CamelBak Chute

Action Camera | GoPro Hero 9

Rain Jacket | Columbia Watertight II

Backpack Rain Cover | Joy Walker Cover

Portable Charger | Anker Powercore

Hiking Backpack | Osprey Talon 22

Hiking Packing List

4) Where to Stay in Wanaka

Wanaka is a small lakeside town with plenty of small restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. There are several accommodation options to choose from at various price points. Below are some recommended options to browse through:

Budget Friendly

1. YHA Wanaka

2. Altamont Lodge

3. Wanaka Kiwi

4. Base Backpackers

Mid Tier / Luxury

1. Edgewater

2. Ramada Resort

3. The Moorings

5. Lakeside Apartments

6. Clearbrook Motel

7. Oakridge Resort

8. Wanaka Alpine Lodge


5) The Mt Iron Wanaka Track

Now that you have a bit of background on the track, lets get a bit more into the hike itself. Overall, the trail is pretty self-explanatory and will not require much navigation on your part.

It is one way up along the trail to the top of the mountain, and then once up top you can decide to head back the same way you came or complete the loop around the other side of the mountain.

Mt Iron Wanaka Map

The beginning of the track will slowly take you above the town and you will get to take in some great views over the town, the lake, and mountains farther out in the distance.

Mt Iron Climb Mount Iron Trail Wanaka New Zealand

As you continue up the trail, there will be some uneven terrain to maneuver your way around. It is nothing too bad but just be aware that the track will not always be flat.

Mount Iron Rock Path Mount Iron Dirt Trail

You will start walking further up and along Mt Iron and the views will begin to get more expansive in every which direction.

Soon enough you will reach the Mt Iron Wanaka summit and you will not only be able to see the side of Lake Wanaka but you will also be able to enjoy the views on the other side of the mountain as well.

Mount Iron Summit Mt Iron Summit Track Mount Iron Summit Track

On the other side of the summit you will see a sign pointing you on the “Loop Track to Carpark”. You can follow this trail which will take you all the way around back to the bottom.

During this portion of trail you will get in some additional views of Wanaka’s surroundings as you make your way down the mountain and towards the start point. Do note that at some point you will also come across some stairs to head down as well.

Mt Iron LoopWanaka Hiking Trails Wanaka Hiking Mount Iron Wanaka Stairs

Eventually you will get back on flat ground and you can walk along the base of Mount Iron right back to the parking lot and end a successful day of hiking one of Wanaka’s best trails. If you are interested in some more elevation, check out the next section..


6) Roys Peak and Isthmus Peak

While the Mount Iron Track is a great add on to any Wanaka itinerary, there are a couple more demanding climbs around the area – Roys and Isthmus Peak.

Roys Peak is the most popular hike in the area and is known for some incredible viewpoints overlooking Lake Wanaka.

⇒ Take a look at the Roys Peak Hike Guide for everything you need to know about the climb.

Roys Peak Mount Aspiring

Isthmus Peak on the other hand is another great option if you want to get those views in but avoid some of the crowds.

⇒ Take a look at the Isthmus Peak Hike Guide for everything you need to know about the climb.

Both of these hikes will take the better part of 4-6 hours to complete so come prepared!

Lake Hawea View Isthmus

That wraps up a guide to the Mount Iron Track of Wanaka, New Zealand. Feel free to check out the other New Zealand itineraries and guides up on the site and feel free to ask any questions below.

Have fun out there and safe travels!


Mt Iron Track

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