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Torres del Paine Campsites & Refugios | Map, Bookings, & More!

Torres del Paine Campsites & Refugios | Map, Bookings, & More!

Throughout Torres del Paine National Park you will find nine paid campsite & refugio sectors. If you decide to sleep overnight within the National Park, you will be able to stay at these campsites & refugios during your trip.

This guide will deep dive into all of these Torres del Paine sectors. From choosing your itinerary to understanding the booking process, you will learn everything there is to know about Torres del Paine campsites & refugios.

Read on to learn more!

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1) Torres del Paine Campsites & Refugios

To start, let’s just understand the various Torres del Paine campsites & refugios (mountain huts with shared rooms) that can be found in the National Park.

I have listed these out in order in the counter clockwise direction (the first three are ONLY used for the O trek).

  1. Seron
  2. Dickson
  3. Los Perros
  4. Grey
  5. Paine Grande
  6. Frances
  7. Cuernos
  8. Chileno
  9. Central

Free Campsites: there are also two free campsites within the National Park run by CONAF – Paso & Italiano. Currently these are not open, but I will touch upon them later on. In general, I would recommend sticking to the campsites mentioned on the list either way.

The chart below gives you a great overview of what these campsites offer in terms of pricing, accommodation, food, and where you can fit them into a trek itinerary.

You will see a couple of these referenced as “A” or “B”. This is because you can choose between two options for certain nights in the park. These campsites are close enough to one another, that it gives visitors more than one option to choose from.

Throughout the remainder of this guide, I will be diving into more details about it all. Feel free to refer back to this though as needed, as you read through.

Note: chart below reflects updated 2023/2024 pricing

Torres del Paine Campsites Refugios Pricing

2) Torres del Paine Campsites Map

To better visualize the where the campsites & refugios are located, below is a Google Maps view of them all.

These are purposely placed where they are to give hikers just the right amount of hiking time/distance on a daily basis.

3) Campsite & Refugio Companies

There are two companies that run the 9 paid campsites within Torres del Paine. These are called “Vertice” and “Las Torres”.

Formerly, Las Torres was known as Fantastico Sur (just in case you come across that name as well).

Vertice Campsites

  • Dickson
  • Los Perros
  • Grey
  • Paine Grande

Las Torres Campsites

  • Seron
  • Frances
  • Cuernos
  • Chileno
  • Central

Since these campsites are run by two different companies, you will need to make reservations at both Vertice & Las Torres (although there is a way to now make all reservations through one site – more on that soon).

As mentioned earlier, there is a third company called CONAF, that runs two free campsites at Paso & Italiano.

Grey Refugio Dining Room

There are two main treks to consider when taking part of a multi-day hike in Torres del Paine National Park. The W Circuit is a 5 day hike and the O is an 8 day hike.

These are called the “W” and “O” because the shape of the route itself spells out the letters (as you can see more clearly on the maps above).

4) Torres del Paine W Trek Camping

Although the W Trek can be shortened, a 5 day W Circuit is the ideal amount of time to spend out on the trail. The W can be completed either west to east (preferred direction), or east to west.

Learn More | W Circuit Torres del Paine

Below would be the itineraries to consider with either option:

W Trek: West to East Camping

  • Day 1: Paine Grande to Grey (Overnight Grey)
  • Day 2: Grey to Grey Suspension Bridges to Paine Grande (Overnight Paine Grande)
  • Day 3: Paine Grande to Frances/Cuernos via Valle del Frances (Overnight Frances OR Cuernos)
  • Day 4: Frances/Cuernos to Chileno (Overnight Chileno OR Central)
  • Day 5: Chileno to Mirador Las Torres to Welcome Center

W Trek: East to West Camping

  • Day 1: Welcome Center to Mirador Las Torres to Chileno (Overnight Chileno OR Central)
  • Day 2: Chileno to Frances/Cuernos (Overnight Frances OR Cuernos)
  • Day 3: Frances/Cuernos to Paine Grande via Valle del Frances (Overnight Paine Grande)
  • Day 4: Paine Grande to Grey & Suspension Bridges (Overnight Grey)
  • Day 5: Grey to Paine Grande

Note that there are two nights where you can choose between campsites:

Frances or Cuernos: in general, there isn’t a big difference here as these are just a couple kilometers apart

Chileno or Central: most people would recommend Chileno as their first choice. This is especially true when going west to east in order to more easily take part of sunrise at Mirador Las Torres.

Las Torres Viewpoint

5) Torres del Paine O Trek Camping

The O Circuit can only be done in the counter clockwise direction. This makes your route/decision pretty straightforward. Similarly, you will have those two campsite choices to make as well.

Learn More | O Circuit Torres del Paine

  • Day 1: Welcome Center to Seron (overnight Seron)
  • Day 2: Seron to Dickson (overnight Dickson)
  • Day 3: Dickson to Los Perros (overnight Los Perros)
  • Day 4: Los Perros to Grey (overnight Grey)
  • Day 5: Grey to Paine Grande (overnight Paine Grande)
  • Day 6: Paine Grande to Frances/Cuernos via Valle del Frances (overnight Frances OR Cuernos)
  • Day 7: Frances/Cuernoes to Chileno (Overnight Chileno OR Central)
  • Day 8: Chileno to Mirador Las Torres to Welcome Center
W Trek Torres Del Paine

6) Campsites, Ready Made Campsites, or Refugios

In general, there are three ways to go about your overnight options in Torres del Paine. You can choose from a regular campsite (bring your own gear), a ready-made campsite (no need to bring your own gear), or refugios (mountain huts).

At every single one of the 9 sectors, you will find the option for campsites & ready-made campsites. Refugios are available at 7 of the sectors -> just not available at Seron and Los Perros (both only on the O Circuit).

There actually is also a 4th option – a mountain cabin. These are only available at the Cuernos sector.


If you opt for campsites, that means you will need to bring all your hiking and overnight gear with you along on the trail. Your tent, sleeping bag, mattress pad, & other gear will need to fit in your backpack.

Learn More | Torres del Paine Packing List

You can either bring all of that gear from back home or you can opt to rent the gear in Puerto Natales.

When booking campsites, you will then only need to pay the campsite fee.

Gear Note: you can also rent individual items at the campsites (tent, sleeping bag, mattress pad). So, if you did not want to bring ALL of your own gear in order to lighten your backpack, that could be an option too.

Camping Torres del Paine

Ready Made Campsites

For those that don’t want to bring any of their own overnight gear, then ready-made campsites are great options for you.

This would entail just showing up at the campsite, and already having a tent, sleeping bag, and mattress pad, all set up for you.

When it comes to pricing, this would be your middle ground option right in between campsites & refugios.

Booking Note: when booking campsites, you may need to select “campsite”, “tent”, “sleeping bag”, and “mattress pad” individually.

Premium Campsite: Las Torres also offers ready made premium campsites. These are even more comfortable, higher elevated platforms off of the ground. In addition, they offer “simple” premium campsites that do not include sleeping bags.

Los Perros Campsite


The last main option here will be sleeping in refugios. For the most part this entails a more comfortable indoor setting with shared bunk bed rooms.

By staying in the refugios, you will be better protected by the elements, and should have a more comfortable sleep altogether.

When you are booking these refugios, you will see options with or without sheets. This is because some people may bring their sleeping bag and not require sheets.

Note that you certainly can mix and match your accommodation options each night. Even if you bring your own gear, it can be nice to stay in a refugio here or there.

Grey Refugio Room

7) Accommodation Cost

One of the major considerations to think about during your trip is your overall budget. The three options above will all be priced differently, so that will be something to think about when visiting Torres del Paine.

When it comes to costs, below will be the main accommodation prices for the various options (note all amounts in USD):

2023/2024: all prices below are updated for the new season

Vertice Campsites: Dickson, Los Perros, Grey, Paine Grande

  • Campsite Fee per Person: $11
  • Tent Rental: $40
  • Sleeping Bag Rental: $25
  • Mattress Pad Rental: $12
  • Refugio Bed with Sheets: $100 ($43 without sheets)       


→ Los Perros: No refugio available
→ Paine Grande: $13 campsites fee, $65 refugio bed without sheets ($100 with sheets)
→ Ready Made Campsite: you will need to pay the campsite fee + rent the individual items

Las Torres Campsites: Seron, Frances, Cuernos, Chileno, Central

  • Campsite (single/double): $56 / $70
  • Premium Campsite: $190 / $220
  • Simple Premium Campsite (no sleeping bag): $140 / $170
  • Tent Rental: $46
  • Sleeping Bag Rental: $30
  • Mattress Pad Rental: $10
  • Refugio Bed: $144
  • Cuernos Mountain Cabin: $430 / $460


→ Seron: No refugio available
→ Ready Made Campsite: you will need to pay the campsite fee + rent the individual items

Chileno Camping

8) Torres del Paine Campsite Food & Meals

While accommodation is one consideration to think about when visiting Torres del Paine, food will be the other major one.

When going about booking each night’s accommodation, you will also be given options to choose meals. This can be in the form of full board or individual meals.

The nice thing about booking the meals, is that you will not need to carry any of your own food (beyond any snacks you may want to bring along). This will greatly help with your backpack weight.

The downside, however, is that the meals can be quite expensive, so you will want to budget out what works best for you.

Of course, you can also mix and match throughout your trek. Certain nights you can make your own food, while other nights you can have a nice meal cooked for you at the refugio.

Below are the prices for Vertice and Las Torres meal options:

Vertice Campsites: Dickson, Los Perros, Grey, Paine Grande

  • Full Board: $80
  • Breakfast: $25
  • Lunch/Box Lunch: $25
  • Dinner: $40

Note: Los Perros only offers full board

Las Torres Campsites: Seron, Frances, Cuernos, Chileno, Central

  • Full Board: $100
  • Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner): $70
  • Breakfast: $28
  • Lunch/Box Lunch: $50 / $30
  • Dinner: $50
Paine Grande Dining Room

9) Campsite & Refugio Amenities

Before getting into the booking process, I just wanted to point out some basic amenities that can be found at the campsites & refugios around Torres del Paine. Not every sector is built the same, so you will find more or less amenities depending on where you are in the park.

Toilets: every campsites & refugio offers toilet blocks. If staying in refugio, there will be toilets in the building. If staying at campsites there usually is a separate toilet/shower block that is used.

Showers: throughout all of the sectors you will find hot showers available (except for Los Perros, where there are cold showers only). You will be asked to keep showering to a minimum in order to conserve water & energy.

Electricity: every sector will offer some sort of electricity to charge your electronics. These may be in common areas, by the front desk, or in refugio rooms.

Bringing a small powerbank will always be helpful for your time on the trail, but don’t worry too much about keeping things charged. Note that electricity usually is turned off at night to conserve energy.

WiFi: you will also find a paid WiFi service throughout the sectors (besides Dickson & Los Perros). The WiFi is only available around the refugios/campsites & not on the trail itself.

For $5 – $12, you will be able to connect for 1 – 10 hours depending on the plan chosen.

Food Mini Markets: the sectors also offer small mini markets, where you can purchase snacks, drinks, and other basic items. Each mini market will be a bit different, but just know something is out there. 

Torres del Paine Bathroom

10) How Do I Reserve Campsites & Refugios in Torres del Paine

Now that you have a better idea about what the Torres del Paine campsites are and how much they cost, let’s dive into the booking process.

Since the campsites are run by two separate companies, you will need to book with each one for the specific nights you are interested in.

That means you first must lay out your itinerary dates, and then look up availability between the Vertice and Las Torres websites. You do not want to book one set of dates without knowing if the second set of dates are available.

With that said though, recently there have been some websites where you can book everything in one. Booking Patagonia is one of those sites, and it is very user friendly.

If I were to do it myself, I much rather just book with the one website instead of the two individual ones. I have also heard that the customer support is very helpful in the case that you need to make changes.

Not only does the site include both the Vertice and Las Torres bookings, but you can also buy bus tickets to/from the park, and purchase Torres del Paine entrance tickets. It really is a 4 in 1 type of site.

See below for booking instructions for Vertice, Las Torres, and Booking Patagonia:

Vertice Booking

Below are the steps to go about booking with Vertice for Dickson, Los Perros, Grey, and Paine Grande.

  • Step 1: Go to the Vertice website
  • Step 2: Choose the number of people, your nationality, & currency
  • Step 3: Choose the W or O Circuit (Paine Massif)
  • Step 4: Choose your starting point (Dickson or Los Perros)
  • Step 5: Continue choosing your next nights
  • Step 6: Once complete, click the red button “Yes, I want to choose my date”
  • Step 7: Choose your starting date (the rest will fill out automatically)
  • Step 8: Once you choose your accommodation and additional services (food, rental gear) for each night, click Continue. From there you will be shown your booking summary and you will have 25 minutes to then put in your personal details and pay for the reservation.
Vertice Patagonia Booking Screen

Las Torres Booking

Below are the steps to go about booking with Las Torres for Seron, Frances, Cuernos, Chileno, and Central.

  • Step 1: Go to the Las Torres website
  • Step 2: You will be taken directly to the booking page where you will find the five campsites/refugios to choose from with check in / check out dates (change these initially before continuing to the next step).
  • Step 3: By clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right hand side of each sector, you will be shown booking options for that night.
  • Step 4: Choose your accommodation and food options for each of the three nights needed
  • Step 5: Click the “Book Here” button, and follow the instructions to fill in your personal details & pay for the reservation.
Las Torres Booking

Booking Patagonia

Recently a new site called Booking Patagonia now offers the opportunity to book both Vertice & Las Torres through a single site. Prices seem to be in line with the two companies, so that may be an easier option moving forward.

It is a great website interface, where you can build your route as you go. In addition to purchasing the food and accommodation, you can also purchase bus tickets and entrance tickets to Torres del Paine

Booking Patagonia

11) Torres del Paine Camping

Each one of the campsites throughout Torres del Paine will be a bit different from one another. Feel free to read a bit more about what each campsite in Torres del Paine entails.

Vertice Patagonia Campsites

We will start out with the four Vertice run campsites in Torres del Paine:


The Dickson sector is only used if taking part of the O Circuit. This would be the second night out on the trail.

The campsite is beautifully located just on the edge of Dickson Lake, with many Patagonian peaks in the surrounding areas.

You will find an open field with campsites set up along with the refugio.

Once you arrive in camp and get yourself situated, feel free to head to the lakeside to grab some photos and relax by the water font.

Dickson Campsite Torres del Paine

Los Perros

Just a few hours away from Dickson is the Los Perros campsite. Out of all of the campsites on the circuit, Los Perros is the least maintained one.

You will only find campsites available here along with a smaller shared dining area. Remember, there is no refugio option at Los Perros.

Only cold showers are available and don’t be surprised if the toilets don’t work too well either.

Since it is a shorter day out on the trail, I would recommend spending the afternoon at the Laguna Los Perros overlooking the Los Perros Glacier.

You would be passing by the lake on the way into camp (just a few minutes away from each other). Once you are all set up in camp, retrace your steps for a few minutes and hang out by the lakeside.

Los Perros Camp


When it comes to campsites & refugios, Grey may be one of the best there is.

Since it is one of the most popular sectors in the park – part of the W and O, as well as mini treks – you will find it to be quite comfortable.

The common room is quite large with great hang out areas and a la carte food options. There is also a separate building with a small shop and computer area (for a fee).

During your time at Grey, be sure to head on the trail to lakeside, where you will find a great lookout over the iceberg lagoon and Grey Glacier.

Grey Refugio Torres del Paine

Paine Grande

Another well-established sector is at Paine Grande. Similarly, you will find a large campsite area and comfortable refugio to stay at.

The dining area at Paine Grande is the largest of them all, and you will also find an upstairs bar area to enjoy.

The views from Paine Grande are the best in my opinion. From the doorstep you will get beautiful views of the Cuernos del Paine and Lake Pehoe.

Once all situated at camp, I would recommend heading on the trail along Lake Pehoe. The trail extends for several miles, but just walking 10-20 minutes along it, will give you great views to enjoy.

Paine Grande Room

Las Torres Patagonia Campsites

The other 5 campsites in Torres del Paine are run by Las Torres. While these sectors are most expensive, I would not consider them any better than Vertice. It is simply what they charge.


If taking part of the O, Seron will be your first night out on the circuit. This is the only campsite on the backside of the O run by Las Torres.

Altogether, it is a simpler campsite as there is no refugio available. Instead you will find an open field of campsites and platforms, where you will stay for the night.

There is a smaller main common room area, where you can hang out in, and a separate structure with toilets & showers.

Seron Campsite Patagonia


Moving back to the front side of the National Park, you will find the Frances campsite. Frances is a bit unique as its refugios are actually domed structures. This is much different than the rest of the refugios on the circuit.

The campsite side of things is set back a bit further inland, where you will find platforms scattered throughout the forest.

Frances Campsite


While I did not stay at Cuernos, I did pass by it between Frances and Chileno. You will find Cuernos just a couple kilometers further along from Frances.

Due to their proximity, you can really choose between either of these options when considering your overnight options. If one is sold out, simply check out what the other offers.

Cuernos is also the only sector that offers private mountain cabins. So, if you wanted an indoor accommodation without the shared room, then Cuernos is for you.

Cuernos Campsite


The closest sector to the famous Mirador Las Torres is Chileno. Many people choose Chileno (instead of Central) due to this proximity.

One highlight of Torres del Paine is to see sunrise at the Las Torres. By staying at Chileno, you will have the shortest trek in the dark in order to get to the lake in time for sunrise.

At Chileno, you will find a common dining area connected to a short hallway, where the refugio rooms are located.

Just outside the refugio, you will find the Chileno campsites on platforms spread throughout the trees.

Chileno Refugio


The Central sector is located right by the entrance of Torres del Paine. If Chileno is all booked up, then Central is going to be your best bet. While it is a longer distance between the two, you should not need to change an overall itinerary.

Right nearby Central you will also find Hotel Las Torres. This is an actual hotel located within the National Park. So, you also have that option if you want some real comfort during your stay.

Central Campsite Torres del Paine


Within Torres del Paine you will also find two free campsites run by the National Forest Corporation – CONAF. This is the organization that runs the park in general.

Currently the two campsites are closed but you can check their website for more up to date information.

Paso – this is a campsite located between Los Perros and Gray. It is not really one that I would even recommend to stay at since it doesn’t really fit with a standard itinerary.

Italiano – the Italiano campsite is located at the start of the Valle del Frances (just nearby the Frances campsite). You could stay here instead of Frances or Cuernos if that would be of interest to you.

Italiano Camp

12) Torres del Paine Campsite Booking Tips

Here are some helpful tips & things to know when it comes to booking accommodation is Torres del Paine:

Book in Advance

Torres del Paine really isn’t a year-round destination. Most of the trekking happens in the summer/shoulder months between September and April.

Due to its popularity and the fact that spots are limited in the park, I would highly suggest booking your spot well in advance.

During peak season, you will find that spots fill up very quickly. There may always be some availability here or there, but to string together the 4-7 nights needed can be difficult.

I would recommend keeping an eye on those openings and book as your dates become available.

Before even booking flights or thinking about anything else on your overall itinerary, you will want to be sure there are open campsites/refugios for your dates.

Booking with an Agency

Now, if you are set with particular dates in mind but you find that there is no availability, not all is lost.

There are local travel providers in the area that could still have spots available. These providers usually buy up spots when they become open and then offer all in one packages to customers.

So, you don’t even need to think about booking anything on your own. By just working with a local provider, they can take care of everything for you.

While that sounds like the perfect solution, do note that these packages will come with a higher price point. The agencies do need to make some money, so don’t be surprised if you see a markup on the normal price.

Last Minute Availability

During my time in Torres del Paine, I found out that there are instances where these local travel providers can’t sell through the spots that they have bought.

So, what happens in these situations, is that a couple weeks prior to a date, they will give back the nights to Las Torres and Vertice.

As I write this article in the middle of peak season, I am seeing availability even at refugios in a week’s time. Maybe this is just do to lower demand, but I would not be surprised if it was due to some travel providers giving back their unused reservations.

If you are looking for last minute reservations, always be sure to check availability. You may be surprised on what you come across.

Dickson Refugio Room

13) Torres del Paine Camping FAQs

To wrap up, I did want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Torres del Paine camping.

Can You Camp Anywhere in Torres del Paine?

No, you cannot camp anywhere in Torres del Paine National Park. Wild camping is prohibited.

Instead, you must only camp at the designated sectors within the park. This can be done by reserving your spots in advance through the booking systems mentioned earlier.

Can You Camp in Torres del Paine Without Reservations?

You cannot just show up to Torres del Paine without reservations for your overnight accommodation.

While reservations are not needed for day trips into the National Park (just an entrance ticket), you do need to reserve your overnight accommodations before entering the park.

If you are looking for last minute reservations, it is possible you will come across some in the online reservation systems.

Can You Do Torres del Paine Without Camping?

Yes, you can do Torres del Paine without camping. All throughout Torres del Paine you will find refugios (mountain huts) side by side next to campsites.

These refugios have shared bunk bed rooms along with shared bathrooms and hot showers in the hall.

So, if you do not want to sleep in a tent, then refugios will be your best option.

Note that refugios are not available at two campsites on the O (Seron and Los Perros). If you want to complete the O, you will need to camp for those two nights.

If heading on the W, then you will be able to stick to refugios for the full trek.

Hotel Las Torres TDP

14) Puerto Natales Hotels

During your time visiting Torres del Paine, you most likely will be staying in Puerto Natales at one point or another.

While you can visit the park from the Argentinian towns of El Calafate and El Chalten, I would recommend staying directly in Puerto Natales. This way you can more easily explore the park and not be subject to just a single day trip from Argentina.

Puerto Natales is a town built for the thousands of tourists who want to visit Torres del Paine. You will find plenty of gear shops, restaurants, and hotels all throughout town.

Below would be a few of my highly rated and recommended options when it comes to hotels in Puerto Natales:

By now you should have all the information you need about Torres del Paine campsites. Feel free to include any questions or comments below.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Patagonia itineraries and guides up on the site.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Torres del Paine Campsites Refugios

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Pavan Pakala

Wednesday 1st of November 2023

hey Charles, How much cash to bring for the O circuit? secondly, is USD fine or do we need Chilean pesos? Thanks a bunch for all your help! Pavan

Pavan Pakala

Monday 13th of November 2023

@Charles, Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.


Saturday 4th of November 2023

Hi Pavan - I would recommend local currency and a credit card. I dont think I used cash though since I brought most of my food.

Pavan Pakala

Wednesday 1st of November 2023

hey Charles, Any some suggestion/input. I am planning to bring salted nuts, dried fruits (dates, boji berries), bars and oatmeal in addition to dehydrated meals from the US to Chile for the "O" circuit. I am reading conflicting reports on google on this if this would be allowed even if declared or not. Would it be OK to bring them or buy them in either Arenas or Natales? Thanks!


Saturday 4th of November 2023

Hi Pavan - I cannot speak to what is and what is not allowed by customs. I have had no issues in the past bringing dehydrated meals and fruit/nut mixes around the world. There are supermarkets though with plenty to choose from.

Pavan Pakala

Tuesday 4th of July 2023

Hey Charles,

Can I buy park fees ahead of time or can I pay before starting the hike at the entrance? We are doing the O circuit in mid-december and got all the campsites booked. I am seeing conflicting information that we can buy ahead of time. Appreciate the clarification. Thx pav


Tuesday 4th of July 2023

Hi Pavan - yes you can buy the entrance tickets beforehand. In the O Trek guide on the site, you should see a section that links out to the booking site. Hope you have a great trek!

Pavan Pakala

Monday 26th of June 2023

Hey Charles, Thanks for everything you to provide awesome info. Approximately, how many refugios and/or camp permits is given per day on the O circuit? I am curious what the numbers are for our planning purposes since we may have large group to travel in mid December. Thx!


Monday 26th of June 2023

Hi Pavan - it all depends on the sector. For example, Seron has space for 50 campsites and Grey has space for 120 campsites (and 60 people in the refugio). I would recommend that you refresh the booking websites each day and book as soon as possible once they open up. Enjoy it!

Pavan Pakala

Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Hey guys, Thanks so much for such detailed info. Do they set up the tent if I were to only rent the tent on each of the campsites or do I have to select the option to also include setting up the tent? I am planning to carry rest of the stuff and rent the tent only on the O ciruit.



Sunday 4th of June 2023

Hi Pavan - yes, the tent should be set up already for you (at least that is what happened when I was there). Hope you have a great time.