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Visiting the Beautiful Dubovica Beach of Hvar, Croatia

Visiting the Beautiful Dubovica Beach of Hvar, Croatia

A visit to Hvar is not complete without relaxing at one or more of its crystal clear beaches. One of the hidden gems on the island is Dubovica Beach, located 10 km away from the town center of Hvar.

During a visit to Dubovica Beach, you can enjoy some time in the water, on the rocky shore, and even at some viewpoints above.

This guide will walk you through all you need to know for a visit to Dubovica Beach, so you can enjoy it for yourself during a trip to Hvar.

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1) Where is Dubovica Beach

Dubovica Beach is located on the southern shore of Hvar, and is about 10 km / 6 miles east of Hvar Town.

It is essentially one road to follow all the way through (D116) until you reach the beach area. It is important to note though that the beach is not just right off the side of the road.

One you reach the entrance to Dubovica Beach, you will need to follow the zig zagging pathway by foot down to the beach itself. In the below screenshot you can see the main road up top and the pathway etched into the mountainside taking you down to the beach itself.

Since this is a beach further away from town, and does require the walk down, it is one of the more hidden gem beaches of Hvar.

Dubovica Beach Map

2) How to Get to Dubovica Beach

There are a few ways to go about a day outside the city center as you visit one or more of these further out beaches.

This will all depend on your budget and how you want to see the island of Hvar. But either way you should have no trouble figuring out a way to get there.

Taxi: Heading to Dubovica Beach by taxi is probably the easiest of options as you will not need to worry about directions or renting a scooter or bicycle.

A one way taxi ride I would estimate to be around 150-200 Kuna ($24 – $30 USD).

If you do take a taxi, be sure to get their number so you can give them a call to take you back. I am sure a local could help you out as well by calling a taxi if need be.

Scooter: The second option here is to rent a scooter from Hvar Town. Right near the Hvar bus station area, you will send many kiosks set up that will help you out renting a scooter for a day or longer as you explore the island.

Scooter rentals for a day can cost around $40 – $50 USD, but the longer the rental, the cheaper the daily rate will be.

Bicycle: Similar to renting a scooter, renting a bicycle is another option to choose from. This is what I ended up doing as it only cost around $10 USD for a daily rental.

The tough part about riding a bicycle around the roads of Hvar, is that there can be a few uphill sections to get yourself up and over.

Overall though I feel like this is a great option to choose from as you get to see the island at your own pace for a reasonable cost.

Note that if you rent a scooter or bicycle, you will need to leave them at the top of the staircase entrance, before heading down to sea level.

Water Taxi: You could technically also take a water taxi to the beach too. Head to the port area to get more info on prices and setting up a time for pickup.

Bus: there is also a bus stop nearby the entrance of the beach. This is probably the most cost efficient method, but I have heard that the busses may not always be reliable coming back.

Head over the tourism office in town to learn more about bus routes and schedules.

Hvar Island Bicycles

Below is a map that shows the route between Hvar Town and Dubovica Beach.

Along the way you can stop at other beaches (such as Pokonji Dol or Malo Zarace) and small villages to make a full day out of it.

3) Where to Stay in Hvar

Before diving into the Dubovica Beach, I did want to mention some of my top recommendations for places to stay in Hvar.

To make it simple and easy, below are 3 recommendations for various price points depending on your budget.

You seriously can’t go wrong with them and are sure to enjoy your visit there one way or another.

Hvar Mid Range Option | BOOK TODAY -> Pharos Hvar Hotel

Hvar Luxury Option | BOOK TODAY -> Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort

Hvar Budget Option | BOOK TODAY -> Barko Apartment and Rooms

-> You can also visit the island as part of a day trip to Hvar from Split

Hvar Sunset

4) Visiting Dubovica Beach

After you reach the top of Dubovica Beach, you will first need to make the 10 minute walk down the zig zagging dirt pathway.

While you may be able to do this in flip flops, it will be much easier and safer if you had shoes on instead. Once you have made it down, it is time to enjoy Dubovica.

Dubovica Beach Walk

Like most beaches in Croatia, this is going to be a stone pebble type of beach. So, don’t expect any soft sand. It is still comfortable enough to lay out on a towel though and enjoy some time in the sun.

The beach does not have any umbrellas and chairs to rent. Instead you should just be prepared to come along with a towel to lay down on the pebble beach.

Dubovica Hvar

The beach’s water though is as good as it gets. It is a beautiful turquoise-clear color and makes for the perfect place to cool down in after taking in some sun.

In addition to the beach and the water, there are some other highlights around Dubovica as well. You will find a small local restaurant on one side of the beach with a bar on the other (Konoba Dubovica & Duba Beach Bar).

So, if you plan to stay the afternoon at the beach, you will have some food and drink options here, but the choices will be limited.

Dubovica Beach Boats
Dubovica Bay

You will also find a small church located on the near end of the beach.

This is definitely one of the more unique aspects of Dubovica Beach and not something you come across too often when visiting beaches in Hvar.

Dubovica Beach Church

Lastly, there is also a walking path on the opposite side of the beach that heads up the mountainside.

If you would like to take in the view from above and see the beach, water, and church, then make the short walk up.

It really is a beautiful vantage point to enjoy as you get the whole Dubovica Beach landscape in view.

Dubovica Beach View

Once your time at the beach is complete, it is back up the winding pathway to the roadside. From there, you can hop back on your scooter/bicycle, or into a cab to take you back to Hvar town.

Dubovica Beach Hvar

Hvar is a beautiful island to spend some days during your holiday, and Dubovica Beach is the perfect addition to a Croatia itinerary. It is not overrun by tourists, and offers a nice relaxing experience during your time on the island.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to add them in below. Also, don’t forget to check out the other Croatia itineraries and guides up on the site like a visit to the Pakleni Islands.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Plaza Dubovica Beach

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