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The 12 Best 5 Star Hotels in Switzerland (Ultimate Swiss Hotel List)

The 12 Best 5 Star Hotels in Switzerland (Ultimate Swiss Hotel List)

The country of Switzerland is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world. From its natural beauty to historic cities, there is so much to explore during a trip there.

What better way to fully indulge yourself in the experience than to choose from some of the best 5 Star Hotels in Switzerland.

Whether those are luxurious resorts in the countryside, relaxing spas, or hotels overlooking the lakes & mountains, Switzerland has some of the top 5 star hotels all throughout the country.

Read more to learn about 12 of the best 5 star hotels in Switzerland and how to add them onto your next trip!

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5 Star Hotels in Switzerland Overview

While there are 5 star hotels spread out all around Switzerland, the list below points out 12 of the best hotels out there.

To make things easier, each one of these hotels are in a different city. That means you should more easily be able to add one (or more) onto your trip based on your overall Switzerland itinerary.

At the end of the hotel list, you can find a map that pinpoints where each of these hotels are located.

Feel free to click the links that will take you directly to the hotel’s booking page, so you can secure your spot!

  1. Swiss Diamond Hotel & Spa (Lake Lugano)
  2. Hotel Eden Roc (Ascona)
  3. Precise Tale Seehof (Davos)
  4. The Omnia (Zermatt)
  5. Park Hotel (Lake Lucerne)
  6. Royal Savoy & Spa (Lausanne)
  7. LeCrans (Crans Montana)
  8. Suvretta House (St Moritz)
  9. Villa Orselina (Locarno)
  10. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois (Basel)
  11. FIVE Zurich (Zurich)
  12. Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues (Geneva)
5 Star Switzerland Hotels

1) Swiss Diamond Hotel & Spa, Lake Lugano

If you’re looking for luxury on the shores of Lake Lugano, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than this.

The Swiss Diamond Hotel & Spa is an oasis of tranquility set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Lugano. It’s the perfect combination of lakeside self-indulgence and Alpine retreat.

The hotel is found on the south shores of the lake. The exterior is sleek and modern, with as much space as possible dedicated to ensuring beautiful lake views. Meanwhile the interiors are classically furnished and designed for the most comfortable stay possible.

The experience extends beyond the rooms and the classy exterior, however. Guests can make use of the excellent spa, which offers ‘esthetic medicine’ in addition to the usual spa facilities. If you’d rather venture out, the hotel can point you to the best hiking routes or lend you a bike.

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Swiss Diamond Hotel & Spa
Swiss Diamond Hotel & Spa /

2) Hotel Eden Roc, Ascona

The 5 star Hotel Eden Roc is spread out among three buildings throughout the property. And all of the buildings feature excellent views of Lake Maggiore to the south. Special care has been taken to make each building feel fresh and unique, so they don’t feel alike at all.

The Eden Roc Marina, for instance, is decked out like a 1960s marina, while the Main Wing is vibrantly colored. The final building – the Right Wing – has a much more muted and restrained palette.

The rooms continue these eclectic themes, and you can expect a different experience depending on your building. There are not very many rooms in the hotel as a whole, but this makes for a more personalized experience.

The number of buildings is outstripped only the variety of restaurants on offer. The Eden Roc has no less than four onsite restaurants. Seafood is a big theme, but Sicilian and French cuisine can also be found.

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Hotel Eden Roc
Hotel Eden Roc /

3) Precise Tale Seehof, Davos

This 5-star Swiss hotel is located in the center of the picturesque village of Davos.

It couldn’t be more conveniently placed, sitting on the village’s main street. It offers swift and convenient access to the nearby cable car station, which means you’ll be on the trails in no time.

Precise Tale Seehof is one of Davos’ oldest 5-star hotels. It’s been in operation since 1869, and is still going strong.

One of the best things about the hotel is its effortless merging of the old with the new. Extensive renovation has updated the hotel in many key ways, without losing the old-world classiness that defines it.

Another top feature of this luxury hotel is its spa complex. It includes a steam bath, a bio sauna, a regular sauna, and a cozy relaxation area. Top off your spa session with a facial or a personalized massage.

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Precise Tale Seehof Davos
Precise Tale Seehof Davos /

4) The Omnia, Zermatt

The Omnia is tucked away high above Zermatt, but that doesn’t mean it’s far away. A clever express elevator is built through the rock, and delivers guests quickly and easily to the town below.

The hotel also lays on an ultra-trendy electric shuttle from the nearby station. With transportation services like this, getting to and from the hotel couldn’t be easier.

The hotel proper, 1,500 feet above, offers fantastic unimpeded views of the Matterhorn. The Omnia’s American architect has made sure that as many rooms as possible boast spectacular vistas.

Be sure, however, to request ‘Matterhorn’ views if you want to make the most of your stay there. Even those that don’t feature the best views of the iconic mountain have sizeable balconies.

The service here is exactly what you’d expect of a 5-star hotel in Switzerland. This is particularly true in the restaurant, where you’ll be treated like visiting royalty. The Michelin-starred restaurant offers some great local dishes. These are rounded out with the head chef’s unique spin on things like the humble barbeque.

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The Omnia
The Omnia /

5) Park Hotel, Lake Lucerne

The creator of the 5-star Swiss Park Hotel was a perceptive man. He quickly saw the potential of the plot of land where his hotel would stand. Sitting on the Lake Lucerne Riviera and close to the iconic Mount Rigi, it’s not hard to see why.

The hotel has been extended since its 1903 grand opening, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. The extensions sit immaculately against the stone turrets, and beautiful views are possible wherever you are in the hotel.  The terraces, which look out over the lake, are the perfect place to relax with a drink and a good book.

The ability to take in the amazing views extends to the rooms. Most of them feature large balconies, from where you can enjoy your morning coffee and watch the lake go by. As always, be sure to request such a view when booking your room.

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Park Hotel Vitznau
Park Hotel Vitznau /

6) Royal Savoy & Spa, Lausanne

The Royal Savoy is neither on Lake Geneva nor in the center of Lausanne. And while this might sound like a drawback, the fact is that the hotel sits in private woodland.

This makes for a relaxing private and intimate location. And what’s more, its location between the two big draws of Lausanne means it’s easy to get to both.

The hotel itself is breathtakingly beautiful. The majestic exterior, with its perfectly conceived lighting, makes for spectacular nighttime additions to your photo collection. Meanwhile, the interior is a classy mix of old and new. Classic paintings sit comfortably next to snazzy modern chandeliers.

Make the most of the tranquil woodland setting with a drink on the rooftop bar. If you’re not in the mood for alcohol, simply enjoy the surroundings from the garden terrace. Either way, the gorgeous location is sure to put you at ease.

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Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa
Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa /

7) LeCrans, Crans-Montana

LeCrans Hotel & Spa might be the best 5-star hotel in the world-famous resort of the same name. It might not have the same pedigree as older Swiss hotels, but it makes up for that with sheer class.

LeCrans marries tasteful modern touches with the down-to-earth feel of an Alpine chalet. There are fireplaces and plush sofas throughout, and it’s a great place to enjoy your après-ski. Yet despite this down-home feel, everything is fresh and brand-new.

If you are looking to head to the Crans-Montana’s world-famous slopes, there is a fleet of on-site cars ready to ferry you to wherever you’d like to go.

In addition, the amazing food at the restaurant makes LeCrans more than worth the stay. The food is excellent and sourced with fresh local ingredients, making for a culinary extravaganza you won’t forget.

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LeCrans /

8) Suvretta House, Saint-Moritz

Suvretta House sits like a fairytale castle about a mile away from downtown Saint Moritz. Though guests are free to make use of the shuttle to get to town, it’s also a beautiful 40-minute walk. Skiers can hop on the ski-lift right at the hotel, and you can ski back down to the hotel doors.

The hotel opened in 1912 and retains many of its original features. This leads to a wonderfully traditional hotel experience that cannot be beaten. The timber floors and wood paneling of the lobby and restaurant make for a cozy feeling, despite their size.

The hotel offers three restaurants, each with its own vibe. The black-tie Grand Restaurant is undoubtedly the most elegant experience of the three. However, Chasellas and Suvretta Stube, the sister restaurants, are equally fantastic.

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Suvretta House
Suvretta House /

9) Villa Orselina, Locarno

Villa Orselina sits back from Lake Locarno, but this doesn’t mean it compromises on views. The hotel is located on its own plot of private parkland. This means that not only can you enjoy the glittering lake, but you can also do it in peace. 

The onsite restaurant forgoes the typical Swiss offerings in favor of a more Mediterranean menu. This makes for mouthwatering Italian-influenced dishes that will have you 100% satisfied.

A full half of the hotel’s 48 suites boast amazing views of the lake. It’s worth remembering to make sure that you request one when booking, or you might miss out. Many of the rooms also have huge balconies from which you can take in the panoramic views.

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Villa Orselina
Villa Orselina /

10) Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

Les Trois Rois is one of the most grandiose 5-star hotels in Switzerland. It’s located on the Rhine and offers sweeping views of Basel. Its central location makes it the perfect place to explore the town as a whole.

This beauty of a hotel is one of the classiest in the country. It has ceiling frescoes, gold-lined pillars and an abundance of crystal chandeliers. Even the elevators ooze old-school charm, with plush velvet seats lining both walls.

But it’s the hotel’s triple-Michelin-starred restaurant that’s the biggest draw for many. You’re unlikely to enjoy a better meal in all of Switzerland than you will at Le Cheval Blanc.

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Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois /

11) FIVE Zurich, Zurich

FIVE Zurich is easily the most party-friendly of the 5-star Swiss hotels on this list. It’s found on the hills above Zurich, and blends rural tranquility with a fun party scene.

The hotel has several bars and a rooftop nightclub for revelers to dance the night away. But it’s also a great place for a relaxing retreat, nestled in the hills away from Zurich proper.   

For outdoorsy types, the hotel offers access to several great hiking trails nearby. If you’d rather relax in the spa, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. The sauna is roomy and relaxing, and a post-steam ice-scrub will get the blood pumping.

The hotel is deceptively close to downtown Zurich, but with four restaurants there’s no need to leave. Everything from Chinese to Indian cuisine is on offer – and all of it mouthwateringly delicious.

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FIVE Zurich
FIVE Zurich /

12) Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues, Geneva

The grand Geneva Four Seasons hotel is often touted as the finest 5-star hotel in the city. It’s considered the center of Geneva, and the point where the famous lake becomes a river.

The hotel has occupied the land since 1834, and saw a full renovation under the Four Seasons brand in 2005. In 2013 there was a further extension, resulting in the modern-day hotel. The blend of old and new architecture makes for an interesting and characterful place to stay.

It is no exaggeration to say that the views in the Hotel Des Bergues are among the finest in the city. The vista on offer from the rooftop Japanese restaurant, Izumi, is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

In the same restaurant, the Japanese head chef prepares subtle and flavorful Japanese staples. And if you’re in the mood for something a little closer to home, head to the Italian restaurant downstairs.

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Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva
Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues /

5 Star Swiss Hotels Map

To wrap up, below is a map that lay out where all of the 5 star Switzerland hotels are located within the country. As you plan out your itinerary, you can certainly add on some of the hotels to your overall route.

That about does it for the best 5 Star hotels in Switzerland! If you have any questions, be sure to add them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Switzerland itineraries and guides up on the site. There are several more hotel lists such as:

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Best 5 Star Hotels Switzerland

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