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10 Best Luxury Hotels in Switzerland (Swiss Luxury Hotels by City)

10 Best Luxury Hotels in Switzerland (Swiss Luxury Hotels by City)

No matter where you visit in the country, you are bound to find some luxury hotels in Switzerland. From infinity pools and extensive spas to Michelin star restaurants and the highest quality of service, you are sure to find it all and more among these hotels.

Throughout this hotel overview, you will come across the very best Switzerland luxury hotels out there. The list will include 10 different cities within the country, to be sure you are covered no matter where your trip takes you.

Read on to learn more about Switzerland’s most luxurious hotels and where to find them.

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Best Luxury Hotels in Switzerland

To start, below is the list of the Switzerland luxury hotels that can be found in this overview. I have also included the location for the hotels to better guide you when going through the list.

Feel free to also check out the luxury hotel map at the end of the article to better understand where each of these are located. You can easily build an itinerary around the country to visit one or more of these hotels.

Be aware that hotels like these can sell out in the peak seasons (whether that be in the summer or winter). If you are interested in any of these hotels, I would recommend booking sooner rather than later. For each of them I have included booking links to ease the process.

Swiss Luxury Hotels

1) Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz

The Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is a towering Gothic landmark that has been a staple of Saint Moritz since 1896. It was founded by Caspar Badrutt, a Swiss hotelier who almost singlehandedly put Saint Moritz on the map.

Badrutt bet some wealthy English guests that they could stay a whole winter in the town without getting bored. If they lost, they were to spend the next year talking up the destination to their friends. They lost the bet, and the myth of Saint Moritz was born.

The hotel blends the traditional and the modern seamlessly. The lobby is full of 19th-century furniture and Italian art. Elsewhere, La Coupole restaurant – formerly Europe’s first indoor tennis court – oozes old-world style. These are complemented by the more modern touches, such as the spa and the Igniv restaurant.

Continuing Badrutt’s philosophy of offering year-round entertainment, there’s always something to do in the hotel.

There is an ice rink and tennis court onsite, as well as a cutting-edge fitness room and yoga studio. There are also boutique shops found within the hotel, meaning you don’t need to venture out in the cold winter months.

The sprawling spa is the icing on the cake. It’s linked to the hotel with a subterranean tunnel for ease of access. It sports a swimming pool with floor-to-ceiling windows, an indoor hot tub, and a large outdoor whirlpool. This is capped off with two saunas, two steam rooms, and an ice room.

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Badrutt's Palace Hotel St Moritz
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St Moritz /

2) Hotel Palafitte

This ultra-hip contemporary hotel sits on the northern edge of Lake Neuchatel.

The Hotel Palafitte consists of 38 pavilions fashioned from wood and metal. 24 of the pavilions sit directly on the water by way of stilts. This enables guests to wake up and immediately enjoy a morning dip in the cool Neuchatel waters.

Every pavilion at the Palafitte sports stunning views of the lake. Whether in the bathroom or the bedroom, you’ll have spectacular vistas to enjoy. Partitions within the rooms, however, ensure privacy when you need it.

Not only is the hotel perfectly placed to take advantage of the lake, but it’s also very close to the town of Neuchatel too. The town was described by author Alexandre Dumas as “resembling a toy carved from a block of butter” due to its striking 17th-century sandstone buildings.

For a stay that’s quite unique even among luxury hotels in Switzerland, consider opting for Hotel Palafitte.

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Hotel Palafitte
Hotel Palafitte /

3) Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

The Victoria-Jungfrau was once, as its name might suggest, actually two separate hotels. The views of the Jungfrau simply cannot be matched elsewhere. In addition, the service and facilities offered in the twin-hotel complex are unbeatable.

The hotel is particularly noted for its world-famous spa. The complex features an outdoor saltwater bath, a number of saunas and steam baths, and a garden terrace. It covers a staggering 5000 meters, and guests can enjoy amazing views of the Jungfrau throughout.

The Victoria-Jungfrau is, additionally, one of the best luxury hotels in Switzerland for fine dining. There are two restaurants and a bistro onsite.

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In the morning, La Terrasse offers a sumptuous breakfast, before transforming into a foodie’s dream in the evening. Guests with a taste for Mediterranean food will be drawn to Ristorante Sapori. This palazzo-style Italian eatery delights with all the staples you’d expect of Switzerland’s southern neighbor.

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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa
Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa /

4) The View Lugano

The View Lugano wears its credentials on its sleeves – spectacular views of the titular Lake Lugano.

Tucked away from through-traffic, the View is located towards the periphery of a quiet residential area. This means that the only thing you’ll hear are the sounds of nature and the lapping waters of the lake itself.

The hotel has a naval feel throughout, with teak flooring and pristine white walls predominating. There’s also a spectacular onsite spa with a unique design feature – a material called KRION. This durable, stone-like material is innately antibacterial and long-lasting. Any trips to the View’s spa are likely to be comfortable with this revolutionary material.

An indoor swimming pool and hammam onsite complement the spa facilities. Those wishing to venture out will find plenty of amenities nearby. The Swiss Miniature Adventure Park is a 5-minute drive from the hotel, and there is a large golf course only 3 kilometers away.

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The View Lugano
The View Lugano /

5) Hotel D’Angleterre

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Hotel D’Angleterre. This opulent hotel sits on the lakefront of Geneva, and has long been a retreat of royalty and heads of state.

Hotel D’Angleterre might be the most perfectly located hotel in the entire city. It sports panoramic views of Lake Geneva and a great view of the famous Jet D’Eau on the opposite bank. This stunning landmark fountain puts around 7000 liters of water into the air at any given moment.

The hotel was designed by the much-lauded Anthony Krafft, a vaunted architect of the Belle Epoque era. Doormen in full uniform wait to usher you into the hotel, where you’ll be greeted by a marble-and-brass interior. The hotel is also so highly regarded, it’s a listed historic monument.

Guests who plump for the best suites in the hotel will be living in the lap of luxury. These suites (Palatial and Presidential) come with a private hammam, balconies overlooking the lake, and even your very own private butler.

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Hotel D’Angleterre
Hotel D’Angleterre /

6) Park Hotel Vitznau

The Park Hotel Vitznau is often called “Switzerland’s most exclusive hotel”. It’s not hard to see why this is the case.

The hotel opened its doors in 1903, and sits on the lakefront of Lake Lucerne. There are few finer views in any luxury Swiss hotel, with mountains sitting beyond the glittering lake.

The Vitznau has 47 suites, a great number of which have balconies overlooking Lucerne. Each of the suites is individually designed and furnished. This makes guests feel special in a way that hotels with more generic furnishings simply cannot.

The hotel also has an amazing infinity pool that overlooks the lake itself. This pool creates the illusion that you’re swimming directly in Lucerne itself. An illusion, of course, you’ll be happy to be fooled by.

The food in the hotel’s two restaurants is world-beating. Michelin-starred restaurant Focus Atelier puts out some of the finest food to be found in the city. Meanwhile, sister restaurant Prisma uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that its diners come away with a satisfied palate.

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Park Hotel Vitznau
Park Hotel Vitznau /

7) Boutique Hotel Glacier

If you want a great view of the Eiger, you’ll be hard-pushed to beat the Boutique Hotel Glacier. No matter which room you’re in, however, you’re sure to enjoy this luxury Swiss hotel.

The hotel has much humbler roots than many of the other luxury hotels in Switzerland featured in this article. It began life as sheep stables, and was then renovated and converted into a B&B. The couple responsible have taken it from strength to strength, and now it’s one of the best hotels in Grindelwald.

Furnishings are modern and minimalist, with art and fixtures evoking the titular glacier. Glass walls make the mountains easy to see from anywhere in the hotel. The color scheme throughout is cool and muted, rarely straying from frosty blues and charcoal. 

For the ultimate in luxury, the Eiger rooms and suites are recommended. From here you can enjoy your own private balcony to enjoy views of the world-famous mountain.

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Boutique Hotel Glacier
Boutique Hotel Glacier /

8) Chedi Andermatt

This sky-high hotel features an esthetic unique among luxury hotels in Switzerland. The Swiss-Asian décor is complemented by the onsite Japanese restaurant.  The complex sits almost 1500 feet above sea level and has some of the most beautiful views in the region.

The previously-mentioned esthetics make for some of the most stunning facades of any luxury Swiss hotel. The Chedi Andermatt looks like a cross between a ski resort and a Japanese castle. It’s rendered throughout in dark wood and granite, which adds to its air of tranquility. Japanese paper lanterns and Indonesian art complete the air of far-East exoticism.

The hotel staff is always on hand to make sure guests are enjoying a unique experience. Guests can indulge in cheese-making courses and other classes in Swiss specialities. Ski butlers are also on hand to make sure guests are able to make the most of the soaring ski runs in the area.

The Andermatt’s spa perhaps best exemplifies the east-meets-west philosophy of the hotel. Here you can enjoy a Finnish sauna, relax in the Roman baths, or indulge yourself with a Balinese massage.

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The Chedi Andermatt
The Chedi Andermatt /

9) Hotel Storchen Zurich

The Storchen is the only hotel in Zurich that sits on the banks of the River Limmat.

Across the river is the Grossmünster church and behind it is the Weinplatz. Lucky guests might be able to catch the seasonal farmer’s market, with its delicious Swiss-sourced produce.

The stork for which the hotel is named can be found through its art and design. The hotel is probably the oldest property on this list – having started business in 1357 – but it received a 5-star facelift. It’s now one of the swankiest hotels to be found in the center of Zurich.

Guests are strongly encouraged to check out the Storchen’s onsite café/bar, the Panchetta. This glass-walled establishment boasts amazing views of the river, and often features live jazz music in the evenings. There is also an adjacent cigar lounge where guests can buy and enjoy cigars onsite.

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Hotel Storchen Zürich
Hotel Storchen Zürich /

10) Gstaad Palace

This hotel sits like a fairytale castle above the quiet hamlet of Gstaad. It was made world-famous in the 1960s by frequent celebrity visitors. The Gstaad, in fact, continues to attract big names with its amazing service and location.

The hotel sits atop a hill, giving it a natural perch above the town below. It commands spectacular views of the Swiss Alps all around, and might be the most typically “Swiss” hotel on this list.

The interiors combine old-fashioned class with nods to the hotel’s famous guests. Old photographs decorate the walls, featuring such renowned guests as Louis Armstrong and Roger Moore. Hunting trophies and lavish Venetian chandeliers finish the look, creating something that’s elegant and regal.

One of the most noted facets of the Gstaad Palace experience is the service. The staff’s responses to guest requests are world-famous for their speediness and attention to detail.

Venture downstairs to the hotel’s notorious GreenGo Club, which has kept the same décor since the 1970s. The hotel also has expansive spa facilities, with a hammam and an Olympic-sized pool to keep guests busy.

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Gstaad Palace Switzerland
Gstaad Palace /

Swiss Luxury Hotels Map

To finish up, below is a map that pinpoints where each and every hotel on this list is located. Depending on your overall travel route, you can try and fit in some of these cities/hotels on your Switzerland itinerary.

That about does it for a list of the best luxury hotels in Switzerland. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to add them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Switzerland itineraries and guides up on the site. There are several more hotel lists such as:

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Top Switzerland Luxury Hotels

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