Switzerland has always been high on my travel bucket list. After seeing pictures of the Alps, the valleys, the hiking opportunities, and the historical cities, I knew that I just had to make my way to the country. I planned my trip to go from west to east (Geneva to Zurich), stopping at plenty of cities and towns throughout my time there. Below you will find a 10 day itinerary that will take you to both the mountains and cities of Switzerland. It is a great mixture between the two and there will be no shortage of jaw dropping moments along the way. 

Below the itinerary you will find a bunch of city and hiking guides for certain portions of the trip, as well as some helpful Switzerland travel tips. Feel free to check those out if you want to learn a bit more in depth about the country and all that it has to offer.


Switzerland Itineraries

Switzerland Guides

Five Lakes Trail Zermatt
The 5 Lakes Hike of Zermatt

The 5 Lakes Hike of Zermatt

The 5 Lakes Hike also known as the 5 Seenweg Hike, is one of the most popular trails that Zermatt has to offer. During this 6KM hike you will not only get to experience 5 unique lakes, but also views of the snowcapped mountains, incredible...

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Swiss Tips Guide
Switzerland Travel Tips

Switzerland Travel Tips

When planning a trip out to Switzerland there may be a lot of different questions you may come across. From train passes and weather to language and money, there is a lot to go over. I put together this list of helpful Switzerland travel tips...

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