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The Top 14+ Things To Do in Wengen, Switzerland (Hikes, Views, & More!)

The Top 14+ Things To Do in Wengen, Switzerland (Hikes, Views, & More!)

If you are heading to the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland, then the car free village of Wengen better be on the list!

Located directly above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and along the mountainside, Wengen offers so much variety for visitors. Whether that is hikes, views, attractions, or day trips, Wengen offers it all and more.

Read on to learn more about the best things to do in Wengen, in addition to many other helpful tips for your time there.

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1) How to Get to Wengen

First things first, you will need to make your way to Wengen. There is one “main” way to go about it, in addition to a couple secondary routes that will take you there.

Via Lauterbrunnen

For the most part though, whether you are staying overnight or just stopping by for the day, you first will need to make your way to the valley town of Lauterbrunnen.

Lauterbrunnen is home to a train and bus station that connects with other nearby main hubs such as Interlaken and Grindelwald.

Once you arrive in Lauterbrunnen, it is just a short 12 minute train ride that curves its way up the mountainside to Wengen.

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While going to Wengen via Lauterbrunnen is the main option to consider, there are some other viable options as well. I see these more so as options for those that may be taking a day trip around the region, while visiting multiple places along the way.

Via Mannlichen

Right in the town center of Wengen, there is a cable car that heads up to Mannlichen (more on that soon!). Mannlichen is also connected by cable car to Grindelwald (in addition to a hiking trail from Kleine Scheidegg).

So, if you happen to be visiting Mannlichen during your day from another nearby place in the region, it is possible to head right down to Wengen from there at some point.

Via Grindelwald/Kleine Scheidegg

In addition, there is also a train route that connects Grindelwald directly with Wengen. It is a mountain railway that passes by other stops such as Alpiglen, Kleine Scheidegg, Wengernlap, and a few others.

Depending on your itinerary for the day, it is possible to hop on that train route, and connect directly into the Wengen train station.

How to Get to Wengen

2) Wengen Hotels

For those that are staying overnight in Wengen, you may be asking yourself what are the best hotels to choose from.

Don’t worry there! I put together a complete breakdown of the best hotels in Wengen. While the list has 15 different options, see below for a couple top recommendations:

Wengen Cablecar

Hotel Edelweiss

Looking for the best value hotel in Wengen? Hotel Edelweiss continuously is ranked as one of the top hotels in town and is the perfect choice for a stay.

Hotel Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn

Hotel Arenas Resort Victoria

The Hotel Arenas Resort Victoria is one of the best hotels to choose from if you are looking for the perfect mixture of accommodation & spa.

Wengen Hotels

3) Things To Do in Wengen

Now that you have a better idea of how to get there and where to stay, let’s dive into the best things to do in Wengen during a visit.

Just note that while there are some great things to do directly from the town center, many highlights may include a train or cable car to reach another nearby part of the region.

Hiking in Wengen

If you are visiting Wengen, odds are you are up for some hiking. Luckily, there are plenty of hiking trails that can be visited just outside your doorstep.

When it comes to hiking in the Jungfrau region, the trails will be tagged with different numbers.

The hiking trails mentioned below are those that connect directly from Wengen. I will also be mentioning a few other top options in the following sections.

Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg (#41)

This is a great hike that connects Wengen with Kleine Scheidegg as you get some up close and personal views to the beautiful Jungfrau mountain range up above.

Wengen to Wengernalp (#42/#43)

There are two trails that connect Wengen to Wengernalp, which eventually meet up with one another. During these trails you will get as close as can be to the mountains.

Wengen to Burglauenen (#44)

A downhill hike from Wengen to Burglauenen will bring you to the valley floor. It is a steeper terrain altogether as you end up directly between Grindelwald and Zweilutschinen.

Wengen to Mannlichen (#45/#46)

While you can easily take the quick cable car up to Mannlichen, hiking up is also an option. There are two trails that zig zag their ways up the mountainside to the top of the cable car station.

Wengen to Lauterbrunnen (#48/#49)

Instead of taking the train down to Lauterbrunnen (or back up), there are two hiking trails that connect the valley floor up to Wengen village.

Wengen Hikes

Royal Walk

While the hikes above start/end directly in Wengen, there are several other nearby hikes that are well worth the effort.

The first of those is the short Royal Walk (#47) that connects the top of the Mannlichen cable car station with the summit of Mannlichen.

Overall, it is an easy and short route to climb as you gain impressive views of the mountains and learn a little history along the way.

Learn More: Read up about the hike in the Royal Walk trail guide up on the site

The Royal Walk Mannlichen Summit

Panorama Trail

Perhaps the top nearby hike to Wengen is the Panorama Trail (#33), that connects Mannlichen with Kleine Scheidegg.

In my mind, this is a must do type of hike as you cross along the side of the mountainside and towards the Jungfrau peaks. The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau will all be in view as you make your way on this 90 minute (mostly flat) trail to Kleine Scheidegg.

Take your time, enjoy the views, and you can then take a train back to Wengen from Kleine Scheidegg at day’s end.

Learn More: Check out the Panorama Trail guide that will take you from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg Eiger View

The Eiger Trail

The last nearby hike I will mention here is the Eiger Trail. The trail starts/ends in Eigergletscher and Alpiglen. Many people like to end in Alpiglen as that would be a downhill hike. You can certainly do it in either direction though!

To get to Eigergletscher from Wengen, you can take a train to Kleine Scheidegg and then hop on another short ride to Eigergletscher (or simply hike between the two). After arriving at the starting point, it is just a downhill walk to Alpiglen. Once all wrapped up, you will just need to take the train back down to Wengen.

Helpful Tip: if you can handle the hiking, combining the Panorama Trail and the Eiger Trail in one day is certainly possible

Feel free to check out many of the other top hikes in Switzerland during a visit

Mannlichen & Aerial Cableway

Whether you want to take part of some hikes around Mannlichen or not, the cable car up there from the village is still one of the best things to do in Wengen.

While the ride lasts just less than 10 minutes, once up top, you will be welcome to some great surrounding views of the Jungfrau mountains.

You can take some time to walk around the area, enjoy the views, and just sit back to relax.

Even if you aren’t a hiker, I would still suggest the short and easy route up the Royal Walk. It shouldn’t be strenuous for most people, and the surrounding views will be even better!

Mannlichen Cablecar


One of the fan favorite attractions that is easily accessible from Wengen is the Jungfraujoch, also known as the “Top of Europe”.

This will entail a bit of transportation as you first take the train up to Kleine Scheidegg and then switch onto the train that heads through the mountain and up to the top station.

Once up top, the views will be unparalleled to other accessible mountaintops (besides for Schilthorn potentially).

On one side will be views looking down back towards Wengen, the rest of the valley, and mountain towns. On the other side will be never ending views of the Aletsch Glacier out in front of you.

In addition to the views you can check out the Snow Fun Park, Ice Palace, Alpine Sensation, and take a short hike to the Monchsjoch Hut.

Jungfraujoch Picture

Visit the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Due to its very close proximity to Wengen, a visit down to the Lauterbrunnen Valley is simply a must do.

While you will be able to see the valley from above, walking through it and seeing the highlights will be a whole other type of experience.

One easy way to go about a day trip down to the valley can go something like this:

Start with the train ride from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen Station. Once you arrive, enjoy views of Staubbach Falls and spend some time walking around the village itself.

Staubbach Falls

After wrapping up with the town center, follow the trail that heads further into the valley. Along the way, you will get views of the mountains directly ahead, with waterfalls sweeping their way off the valley walls on either side.

There simply is nothing else like this!

Along the way, you will also pass by Trummelbach Falls. This is a waterfall that can’t be seen from the valley. Instead you will find it within the walls of the cliffside.

Pay the small fee, head up the stairs (or elevator), and take in the rushing waters from various viewing platforms.

Once all done with Trummelbach, you can continue to the end of the valley at Stechelberg. From there feel free to hop on the bus back to Lauterbrunnen, and then back up to Wengen.

Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen, Murren, & Schilthorn Day Trip

If Lauterbrunnen wasn’t enough for you, there is a way to make this an even longer and more exciting day trip. This can be done in either direction but be aware of the weather at top of Schilthorn (if it’s clear for only a portion of the day, work your schedule around it!).

  1. Wengen to Lauterbrunnen Train
  2. Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp Cable Car
  3. Grutschalp to Murren Mountain Railway
  4. Murren to Schilthorn Cable Car
  5. Enjoy Schilthorn & Birg!
  6. Cable Car back to Murren for Lunch
  7. Murren to Stechelberg Cable Car
  8. Walk from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen
  9. Stop at Trummelbach Falls
  10. Train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen

Feel free to check out the Schilthorn overview that goes about this awesome day trip.

Schilthorn View

Day Trip to Grindelwald

Speaking of day trips, you can also take one out to the other valley town of Grindelwald. From there, you will have the chance to take part of several more activities and attractions.

The First cable car will take you up to some beautiful hiking trails such as the Bachalpsee Lake.

It also leads you to some great kid activities including the First Flyer, First Glider, First Mountain Cart, and First Trottibike.

Another option is to take the cable car from Grindelwald up to Pfinstegg. Once up top, kids and even adults can hop on the toboggan run. For those hikers, you continue along the trail to the Barregg hut.

No matter what type of activity you want to do, Grindelwald offers many great options to choose from.

First Cable Car View

Walk Around Town

While there is so much to enjoy on the outskirts of Wengen, you should also plan to spend some much-needed time around town too!

Wengen is a very picturesque place to visit and since it is car free, it is that much more enjoyable. Spend some time just walking the streets, exploring the town center, and of course taking in the views along the way.

If you happen to be spending several days in Wengen, I would definitely recommend taking a “rest day” to just hang out in Wengen itself.

Wengen Downtown

Mini Golfing

If you are bringing your kids along for the trip and want to spend a portion of the day keeping them entertained, then head on over to the mini golf course.

The 18 hole Lauberhorn Crazy Golf course is the perfect activity to keep the kids busy. It is located directly in the town center next to the Mannlichen cableway.

Spa Day

A spa day in Wengen is going to do the trick if you are experiencing a poor weather day or just need a well-deserved break after hitting the trails.

If having a spa handy is important to you, then I would recommend booking a hotel that includes one. A couple top choices would be:

On the other hand, you can always book a day pass to many of the spa hotels in the area. This way you will not only have the ability to stay at the hotel of your choice but it also gives you the chance to enjoy a day of spa relaxation.

Feel free to also check out some of the other top spa hotels in Switzerland during a visit!

Wengen Spa

Skiing in Wengen

Admittedly, most of the above is geared towards summer visits to Wengen. But that is not to say it is just a summer destination. If you happen to be visiting in the wintertime, there is plenty to enjoy too.

One of the top activities would of course be heading out on the ski slopes. While there are several ski areas in the Jungfrau region, the Wengen-Grindelwald ski area offers plenty of options for all levels.

Altogether you will find nearly 50 trails that wrap their way around the whole region. Connecting the trails are various ski lifts, cable cars, and mountain railways.

If you plan accordingly, you can even ski right back down into Wengen at day’s end!

Sledging / Tobogganing

If you are not a skier, no worries! The area also offers the ability to take part of sledging runs. Simply sit down in your sled, and head down the slopes.

It is a great activity to take part of for those that want to fully enjoy their winter fun in the mountains of Wengen.

Feel free to check out the latest Jungfrau sledging information for your trip!

Wengen Skiing

4) Weather in Wengen

As you can tell by now, many of the top things to do in and around Wengen are outdoor activities. Due to this, the weather will need to cooperate for you to take part.

Since Wengen is located in the mountain region, the weather can be very hit or miss. Some days may start out nice and sunny but soon turn rainy and overcast.

I would recommend using Meteoblue as a helpful weather app that is a more accurate forecasting tool when it comes to mountain weather.

Pay attention to when the sun will be out and plan you activities around the best weather windows possible.

Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate entirely, you still have the chance to take part of some indoor activities (such as heading to the spa), or enjoying the waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Wengen Weather

5) Wengen Restaurants

Throughout Wengen village, there are a variety of different restaurant to choose from. Some of these will be standalone restaurants while others will be located within hotels.

  • Pasta & More
  • Eiger
  • Golden India
  • Hotel Restaurant Baren
  • Ristorante Da Sina
  • Hotel Restaurant Bernerhof
  • Crystal Bar
  • Restaurant Allmend

Depending on your itinerary day to day, it is possible that you may be having a meal in some other villages along the way. Whether it is Kleine Scheidegg, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, or Grindelwald, you will find plenty of options all around.

Wengen Village

6) How Many Days Do You Need in Wengen

When visiting Wengen and the Jungfrau Region in general, I would recommend at least 3 days to see a little bit of everything. While you do not need to spend three full days in Wengen itself, this amount of time will be great to explore the overall area of the Jungfrau.

You can spend a day in Wengen and up in Mannlichen, another day in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and a third day near Grindelwald.

Overall, there is plenty to keep you busy for a week or more all around the region. However, giving yourself at least 3 days will be a solid amount of time to take advantage of some top highlights.

Tip: give yourself a buffer day in case you get hampered by the weather at one point or another.

Wengen Mountains

7) Which is Better – Wengen, Murren or Grindelwald

If you are heading into the Jungfrau region, odds are you are asking yourself the question of which town is best to stay in – Wengen, Murren, or Grindelwald.

All said and done, any one of these three is a solid option to choose from (in addition to Lauterbrunnen).

Wengen and Murren are car free mountain towns. Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen are easily accessible valley towns. They are all interconnected by mountain transport and can be visited one way or another during a trip.

When making that final decision, it really comes down to personal preference. If you are still struggling (and you have enough time to spare), why not split time between a couple of them?

At the end of the day, I have a hard time believing that you won’t fully enjoy your time in the Jungfrau.

Still Deciding: Check out the Wengen, Murren or Grindelwald overview that goes through the pros and cons of each.

8) Is Wengen Worth Visiting?

Whether you are thinking of staying in Wengen or visiting as part of a day trip, Wengen is without a doubt worth visiting.

Being at the center of the Jungfrau region, perched up on the mountainside, Wengen is going to be one of the most picturesque places to visit during your time in Switzerland.

Having the chance to just walk the town, enjoy the view, and be steps away from the hiking trails, is all you can ask for when it comes to Swiss mountain towns.

If you are thinking about visiting Wengen, I would highly recommend adding it onto your list for a Switzerland itinerary.

Views from Wengen

That wraps up an overview to the best things to do in Wengen, Switzerland. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to add them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Switzerland itineraries and guides up on the site.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Best Things to Do in Wengen

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