The country of Japan – so much to see and do, you will just leave wanting more. Visiting Japan was one of my first major trips outside the country and one I will never forget. The culture, the sites, the food – it was all so different from anything I have experienced before. Based on the trip I took, I have put together three itineraries and varying lengths that will take you around the country. 


The 14 day itinerary begins in Tokyo before making its way down south passing by Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima and Miyajima, before turning around and ending back in Tokyo

The 10 day itinerary highlights most of the two week one, however it will leave out places like Hakone and Nara, and will have a bit less time to explore the other cities

The 7 day itinerary is basically an even more condensed route, making its way to Tokyo and Kyoto, and then doing day trips to Osaka and Miyajima / Hiroshima from there


Below the itineraries you will also find several guides that will go more in depth about certain excursions and activities that you can take part of during your time in Japan. Have fun out there and feel free to reach out with any questions!


Japan Itineraries

The Essential Tokyo 5 Days Itinerary

After visiting Japan several years ago, I have wanted to head back to the country for a while now. The culture, the food, the nature – you name it and Japan has it. And a trip to Japan is not complete without a stop in its capital, TOKYO. Tokyo is the largest city by...

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10 Days in Japan Itinerary

  Welcome to the 10 Days in Japan Itinerary! 10 days in Japan is plenty of time to make your way throughout the country. From Tokyo to Kyoto and all the way down to Hiroshima, this itinerary has you covered! You will spend time exploring cities, visiting temples,...

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Japan 1 Week Itinerary

  Welcome to the Japan 1 Week Itinerary! If you have 1 week in Japan and want to make the most out of your time in the country then this itinerary is for you. While this is fast paced, it does give you the ability to see multiple cities throughout the country....

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Japan Two Week Itinerary

  Welcome to the Japan Two Week Itinerary! Japan is truly one of the most unique countries to visit in the world. If it's the temples, culture, food, people, architecture, or natural beauty, Japan has all of that and more. This Japan two week itinerary has you...

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Japan Guides

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