5 Days in Iceland Itinerary

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Welcome to the 5 Days in Iceland Itinerary!


Even if you only have five days to explore the country, that is still plenty of time to see all types of attractions from coast to coast. This 5 days in Iceland itinerary will take you along the southern coast of Iceland to Jokulsarlon and back to Reykjavik as you check out what this incredible country has to offer. It will be action packed with days full of activities and natural attractions.


Before jumping into the itinerary here are a few important things to note:

» This itinerary cannot be completed during the winter months due to the shorter days and the amount of activities listed below. The best time to complete this trip in 5 days would be around May to September.

» You will want to get a rent a car for the duration of the trip. You can pick the car up once in land in Reykjavik and be on your way from there.

»  This itinerary does not go around the entirety of the Ring Road. It will just take you back and forth along the southern coast along with a couple day trips from Reykjavik. You can check out the Iceland Ring Road itinerary I have up on the site that will take you all around the country if you have more time. 

» You can start this itinerary on day 1 straight from the airport since many flights get to Iceland early in the morning. Alternatively you can stay in Reykjavik for the first day to relax before heading out on day 2.

»  For more helpful info be sure to check out the Helpful Tips section to get you prepared for Iceland!

Map View

Take a look below at where each attraction on this 5 days in Iceland itinerary falls on the map. Day 1 starts out with the blue pins and the trip then continues eastward before turning back, with each pin color indicating the attractions for a day. Altogether you will spend 3 days / 2 nights along the southern coast and the remaining time in Reykjavik with a day trip in between.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


5 Days in Iceland Detailed Itinerary

Now lets get on to the actual trip! The following is a detailed breakout of the daily attractions and activities on this 5 days in Iceland itinerary. Feel free to scroll through and click on any more in depth posts along the way.

Day 1 – Southern Coast Part I

​Either coming right off the plane from Keflavik or from Reykjavik, grab your rental car and head out east. Your first stop of the day will be the Reykjadalur Hot SpringsA hike through the mountains and valleys of Iceland and ending up swimming in a natural hot spring. If this sounds like your kind of day then check out the Guide to the Reykjadalur Hot Springs Hike for a more in depth review.

Reykjadalur Hot Springs WaterfallReykjadalur Hot Springs Hike ViewReykjadalur Hot Springs River

After a couple hours of hiking make a stop at Urridafoss, one of the many waterfalls you will encounter along your trip. It is known to be the most voluminous waterfall in Iceland. Pretty fascinating site and not crowded at all as its not one of the main attractions you will find.

You can then head on over to the black sand beach of Reynisfjara. Here you can walk the beach, hang out on the limestone cliffs and take in some pictures of amazing views. Stop by the town of Vik for some lunch. It is a nice small town where you can find some restaurants and also grocery store to pick up some essentials. You can get in a nice viewpoint from the church at the top of the town. One important thing to note is that main towns can be very far apart from one another. So if you see somewhere you would like to eat or add some gas to the tank you should do it sooner rather than later as you won’t know when the next opportunity will be.

Reynisfjara Iceland ViewReynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Next up is Laufskalavarda. Here you will find thousands of small rock piles all around this small hill. Apparently building one these rock piles gives you good luck as you continue your adventures around the country of Iceland. As it is the beginning of your journey it could be a good idea to make one of your own.

Laufskalavaroa Iceland

End the day at one of the most picturesque places of the entire trip Fjadrargljufur Canyon. Hike up along the side of the canyon taking in the views and some great pictures. You can get some amazing views both all the way towards the top of the trail and bottom of the trail. Enjoy the last attraction of the day before heading to your hotel or guesthouse nearby.

Fjadrargljufur Iceland



Recommended Option – Hotel Laki

Hotel Laki

Day 2 – Skaftafell and Jokursalon

After a much needed sleep wake up bright and early to head out to Skaftafell National Park. Here you will have a bunch of different options to choose from. You can check out our Guide to Hiking Skaftafell National Park, which goes into greater detail on what to expect on this day if you opt to hike around the park.

Another option is to a do glacier hike in the national park. You can book the glacier hike in advance through Glacier Guides. There are a few different glacier hikes to choose from anywhere from around 3-6 hours in length. Once you get to the office at the base of Skaftafell you will get your crampons and helmet and then hop on a bus to the glacier with the rest of your group. Once there you will be broken into 5-6 person groups per guide. You then begin your hike towards the glacier, learn the basics and and start to explore the terrain around you. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn more about the surroundings. One thing to note is that the glacier hike depends on wind conditions so if it does get cancelled you will still be able to take part of one of the hikes mentioned in the above link. Both hiking on the glacier or in the national park are great options depending on your interest level.

Skaftafell Hiking GlacierSkaftafell Hiking 3Skaftafell Hiking Glacier ViewSvartifoss Iceland

After a long morning/afternoon of hiking grab some food back by the visitor center and relax for a bit. After the break continue your day towards some glacier lagoons. Take a quick stop at the smaller Fjallsarlon lagoon before heading to Jokulsarlon. You have the option to tour the lagoon on a zodiac type of boat or a larger amphibian one where you are with more people and higher up from the water. The smaller boat is a really great time with just about 8 people in the boat with your driver. Make sure to book in advance especially if you are opting for the smaller boat.

Your boat driver will give you a tour of the lagoon, answer your questions and even let you take a huge piece of ice from the water. Your driver will then drive the boat towards the back of the lagoon where ice cliffs will be breaking off every few minutes. After about 45 minutes the boat will head back to land, where you will then depart Jokulsarlon and back to your hotel for the night.

JokursalonJokursalon Ice

Day 3 – Southern Coast Part II

It is now time to turn around a head back to Reykjavik but not before hitting some more southern coast attractions along the way. The first stop will be back closer to Vik at Dyrholaey which is the large peninsula with its well known arch. You can walk around to different view points and get a look at the waves crashing nearby.

Dyrholaey Iceland

Next up is the waterfall Skogafoss and is one that you cannot miss. It is a massive foss with a staircase off to the side which you can walk up to the top. Getting too close to the bottom of the waterfall will most likely result in some wetness so be careful when trying to get the best picture. After hanging out at the bottom, climb up the staircase to get a view from the top. For a real epic hiking opportunity you can continue you way along the Skoga River. For an in depth overview of this hike check out the Guide to Hiking Skogafoss.

Skogafoss Waterfall MistSkogafoss Hike Iceland RiverSkogafoss Waterfall Hike WaterfallsSkogafoss Hike Iceland Jump

Once done with some hiking, head on over to Seljalandsfoss which is only about a 30 minute drive from Skogafoss. This foss is unique in that you can actually walk around it in a 360 degree view even getting behind the waterfall. Spend some time taking pictures at different angles and walking all the way around. Here you will also find a lesser known waterfall called Gljufrabui. Walk about ten minutes north of Seljalandsfoss along the path following the signs. Through a narrow rock corridor lies the waterfall.You will most likely get a bit wet as you are literally inside the cave of the waterfall. Quite an unique experience being inside this rock as the waterfall comes down behind you. After you spend some time down low, follow the path to the top of the waterfall, where you can climb the small ladder to get a view from above. Now that you are probably all fossed out, its time to head back to Reykjavik. Check into your hotel or Airbnb and call it a night.

SeljalandsfossSeljalandsfoss IcelandGljufrabui Iceland



Here are a few top accommodation options to choose from:

Reykjavik4you Apartments

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

Alda Hotel



Day 4 – The Golden Circle

It is time to make your way around one of the more well know parts of Iceland – the Golden Circle. There will be five stops along the way as you start your day of exploring.

Check out our complete Guide to Iceland’s Golden Circle for an in depth review of what it all entails.

Stop #1 – Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir offers the opportunity to hike, snorkel between tectonic plates and wander around the incredible setting.

Thingvellir Tectonic Plates IcelandThingvellir Hiking IcelandThingvellir Iceland Church

Stop #2 – Bruarfoss

If you have the time and are up for a 2 hour round trip hike you can head over to Bruarfoss. A bit more of a hidden gem, Bruarfoss is a majestic blue colored waterfall that is sure not to be missed.

Bruarfoss Cover

Stop #3 – Geysir

Ever seen tons of water getting shot up a hundred feet in the air? Well now is your chance. At the Geysir geothermal area you will be able to see things like this happen:


Stop #4 – Gullfoss

One of the most powerful and wide waterfalls that Iceland has to offer, Gullfoss offers amazing views from all different angles.

Gullfoss Iceland 2

Stop #5 – Kerid Crater

Last but not least is Kerid Crater – a massive formation with a lake down below to hike around and enjoy before ending your time around the Golden Circle.

Kerid Crater View

Next up comes the most relaxing portion of the trip and that is the Blue Lagoon. Make sure to buy tickets in advance so when you get there you can walk right in and enjoy. Once you get there you can drop your stuff off in a locker and head outside in what is probably pretty cold weather. But don’t worry because once you are inside the Blue Lagoon all is well. The temperature of the water is very soothing and relaxing, and there are definitely spots warmer than others. You can buy yourself a few drinks and wade/walk around the lagoon. You can probably spent 2+ hours there altogether just relaxing your bodies after all the hiking that has been done.

Note that it might be easier to add the Blue Lagoon on the way from or to the airport since the Lagoon is not too far away from Keflavik. It just depends on the timing on your fights to figure out what will work out best.

Blue Lagoon IcelandBlue Lagoon Iceland Water


Read Up On Some Top Rated Iceland Guide Books Before Your Trip


Day 5 – Reykjavik

There really aren’t too many different sites to see but definitely enough to keep yourself busy for a day.  Stroll through the city center as you walk down the main street Laugavegur, and then to the harbor area. Stop by the Harpa opera house, a really modern piece of architecture with many different areas to explore and a glass like structure throughout. Then walk further along the water to the viking ship known as the Sun Voyager. It is really just a silver statue but still pretty neat spot to check out. Then head over to the main church – Hallgrimskirkja. Spend the few dollars to head to the top of the church and see the view of the entire city of colored houses beneath you. You can see all the way to the opera house and beyond.

Harpa ReykjavikSun Voyager ReykjavikReykjavik Church View

That will be your last stop on an amazing trip to Iceland before making your way to the airport later in the day or the next morning. Hope you enjoy your 5 days in Iceland!

Head over to our Iceland itineraries and guides page to check out some more helpful posts, and feel free to comment below with any questions!


5 Days in Iceland

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