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Ushuaia Itinerary: How to Spend 1, 2, 3, & 4 Days in Ushuaia

Ushuaia Itinerary: How to Spend 1, 2, 3, & 4 Days in Ushuaia

If you are heading down to “The End of the World” and looking for an Ushuaia itinerary to help guide the way, this overview is for you.

Whether it is exploring Tierra del Fuego National Park, riding through the Beagle Channel, or hiking some lake & glacier trails, this itinerary will talk you through it all.

I will also mention potential itinerary options based on how many days you have to spare – whether that is 1, 2, 3, or 4 days in Ushuaia. Read on to learn more!

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1) Ushuaia Introduction

To get things started, below is some high-level information about Ushuaia that I will be diving deeper into throughout the remainder of this itinerary.

Location: Ushuaia is located at the very southern tip of Patagonian Argentina. Due to its location, it is also nicknamed “The End of the World”.

Highlights: Throughout Ushuaia’s surroundings you will find glaciers, lakes, waterways, and of course Tierra del Fuego National Park. During a trip, you will get to experience all of it and more.

Getting There: Although Ushuaia is quite far away, it is quite easy to get there as it is home to an airport (USH). Simply fly in from places like Buenos Aires and you will be in town in minutes.

Transportation: Getting around Ushuaia can be done in a variety of ways. Rental cars, shuttles, tours, and taxis are all options. I will be talking through them all in this itinerary.

Weather: Due to Patagonia being in the southern hemisphere, the best time to travel there will be during the December to March timeframe (give or take). During these months daylight hours will be at their longest and temperatures at their warmest.

How Many Days in Ushuaia: ideally you can set aside around 3-4 days for your time in Ushuaia to fully take advantage of your time there. I will also be talking about shorter options if needed.

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What to do in Ushuaia

2) How to Get There

When it comes to getting to Ushuaia, there are a few main options to consider – plane, bus, and car.

By Plane

The easiest way to make your way down to Ushuaia will be by plane. There is an airport directly next to the town center (USH), which has flights to/from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and El Calafate.

Just note that flight schedules can change and are more common in the country’s high season.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can hop in a quick taxi, or grab a rental car.

By Bus

There are also bus routes that go to and from Ushuaia but be aware these are some very long transportation times.

Many busses connect in Rio Gallegos, which is around a 10-12 hour bus ride away. From there you can catch additional routes to places like El Calafate and Punta Arenas.

Just note that you are talking about 1+ days of travel instead of grabbing a quick flight.

Feel free to check out busbud for the latest routes, prices, and schedules.

By Rental Car

If you are taking part of a longer Patagonia road trip, then renting a car is certainly an option to consider.

While it will still be a long ride either way to get to Ushuaia, you will have more freedom to make your own schedule as you go.

Renting a Car? When searching for rental cars, feel free to check out for potential options. You can filter by price, car type, and much more to find the perfect car for your trip.

Ushuaia End of the World

3) How to Get Around

When it comes to transport within Ushuaia, you can opt for a few different options depending on where you are going. These include shuttles, tours, taxis, and rental cars.


One of the most cost efficient and convenient ways to get around Ushuaia is by shuttle bus. These small shuttle vans are located directly in the town center, and take visitors to several different hikes & points of interest around Ushuaia.

These do run on a set schedule, so be sure to understand departure and return times when purchasing your tickets.


If your budget allows (or if it makes sense financially with more people in your group), you can also hire a taxi to take you to trailheads and pick you up at day’s end.

There are also instances where shuttle busses do not go to every trailhead. So, taxis will essentially be your only option in these scenarios.


For those that want to be part of a guided tour (group or private), there are many tours that will take you around the area. This is great for those that do not want to worry about logistics and just have someone by their side for the day.

I will be mentioning several tour options in this overview.

Rental Car

Lastly, you could also rent a car for your time in Ushuaia. Since many people don’t want to rent a car to drive down to Ushuaia, they simply just rent a car for the time that they are in the city.

This will give you the most flexibility as you will always be on your own schedule and will not need to worry about shuttles, taxis, etc.

Reminder: take a look at for potential car options that work best for you

Ushuaia Transportation

4) Best Time of Year to Visit

As you go about your trip planning to Ushuaia, you will need to think about the best time of year to take your trip. Since the region lays in the southern hemisphere, that means that the summer period runs from December to March.

During the summer time, you can expect temperatures to be at their highest, and the overall weather to be a bit calmer. Due to this, the summer is when most tourists make their way to Patagonia. Hiking, outdoor activities, and other nature-based attractions will be at their most accessible.

Throughout the summer, you can also expect some much longer days, with more available daylight. This can be a benefit in the instances where certain parts of the day may have worse weather. Given the longer days, you can be a bit more flexible with your day to day schedule.

If you are looking to still get some good weather but without the crowds, you may want to consider the shoulder months of October/November and April/May. The weather may not be as stable during these times but you can still get a lot out of a trip.

I would not recommend a trip between June and September (for the most part), as it gets too cold, wet, snowy, and more unpredictable. However, Ushuaia is known to have some skiing available in the winter!

Isla Alicia Ushuaia

5) Where to Stay

Ushuaia is full of accommodation options for various budgets. You can opt to stay in a cheap shared hostel room or stay in a more luxury hotel. No matter what, there should be an option for you.

Below are some of my top recommendations when it comes to Ushuaia accommodation. Be sure to book ahead of time as top options do sell out!

Hotel Tierra del Fuego: for a hotel located directly in the town center, Hotel Tierra del Fuego is a great option. Views of the town, mountains, and water will be right outside your window, and you will be minutes away from the action.

MIL810 Ushuaia Hotel: another centrally located hotel that is a great mid tier option is the MIL810 Hotel. It is a short walk from all the top spots in town to & offers everything you need from an accommodation standpoint.

Los Acebos Ushuaia Hotel: perched up above the town center, Los Acebos is a luxury option that offers guests some of the best views of the Beagle Channel. It is the perfect hotel for those that want a little more style & class.

Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa: if you are looking for the top option in Ushuaia, then the Arakur Resort & Spa is for you. While it is on the expensive side, there are few hotels that can compete with its luxurious offerings.

Ushuaia Hotels Patagonia

6) Best Things To Do in Ushuaia

Now that you have all the relevant background information, I am now going to lay out all the various things to do during your time in Ushuaia.

Then in the following sections, I will go through several different Ushuaia itinerary options that piece together these highlights.

Of course, you can always mix and match attractions & activities as you see fit.

Tierra del Fuego

One of the top highlights of Ushuaia is the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park. Located just another 20-30 minutes southwest of the town center, you will be welcomed to the National Park entrance.

Within Tierra del Fuego, you can opt for several different hiking trails and viewpoints as you get to explore all that the area has to offer.

I would recommend one full day in Tierra del Fuego for most people. If you are keen on hiking more of the trails, then 2 days should suffice.

Within Tierra del Fuego, there are 5 main hiking trails to choose from, in addition to the Lapataia Sector that includes several shorter interconnecting trails.

These hiking trails include:

  • Senda Pampa Alta (4.7 km | 2.9 miles / 2 hours)
  • Senda Costera (8 km | 5 miles / 4 hours)
  • Senda Hito XXIV (7 km | 4.3 miles / 3 hours)
  • Cerro Guanaco (14 km | 8.7 miles / 5-6 hours)
  • Cascada Rio Pipo (1.8 km | 1.1 miles / 45 minutes)
  • Lapataia Sector: 6 interconnecting trails & viewpoints

The great thing about hiking in Tierra del Fuego is that there are options for everyone. You can opt for the harder Cerro Guanaco mountain climb, or you can simply take short walks to viewpoints.

If you aren’t up for the longer hikes, below are some highlights/viewpoints to stop by along the way:

  • Alakush Visitor Center
  • Lago Acigami Viewpoint (near visitor center)
  • Laguna Verde Viewpoint (just off main road of Lapataia Sector)
  • Laguna Negra (short trail off main road of Lapataia Sector)
  • Lapataia Viewpoint (short walk from roadside or Bahia Lapataia)
  • Bahia Lapataia (viewpoints by the waterside)

There are many other opportunities to just drive/walk around and enjoy the surrounding views.

Tierra del Fuego Tour Options

If interested in joining a tour for the day, check out some of the highest rated options below:

Learn More: Check out the Tierra del Fuego overview for everything there is to know about the National Park

Tierra del Fuego Hiking Trails

End of the World Train

Another way to go about a trip into Tierra del Fuego National Park is by taking the End of the World Train.

Now, this train actually once had a much different use. In the early 1900’s it was built to carry prisoners down to a penitentiary. After the prison closed in the 1940’s, the train was transformed into a tourist attraction.

Today, visitors have the chance to ride 7 kilometers (4.5 miles) of the train journey from just outside of Ushuaia to the National Park. Along the way, you will pass by some attractions such as the Burnt Bridge, La Macarena Waterfall, Rio Pipo River, and Trees Cemetery.

If you are interested in taking part of the journey you can purchase tickets for this ride, or you can opt to join this guided tour that will include some highlights within the National Park as well.

Learn More: Check out this guide to Perito Moreno Glacier if you happen to heading out to El Calafate during your trip

Laguna Esmeralda

While Tierra del Fuego is full of hiking trails, there are some other worthwhile hikes around the Ushuaia area.

One of the most famous hikes is Laguna Esmeralda. The hike takes you from the roadside parking lot through the forest, and up towards one of the most beautiful hikes in the region.

Along the way you will take in some beautiful views, tons of greenery, a flowing river, and plenty of muddy/soggy trail conditions along the way.

But once you reach the lake, it will all be worth it! You can enjoy the views from the vantage point up top, before relaxing right by the lakeside down below.

If you have the time, you can even encircle the lake, as you take in the views from all different angles.

See below for some helpful trail stats for the hike:

  • Trailhead Location: 54°43’18.8″S 68°07’18.4″W
  • Driving Time from Ushuaia: 20 minutes
  • Trail Type: Out and back
  • Hiking Distance: 5.4 miles / 8.8 km
  • Elevation Gain: +700 feet / +214 meters
  • Hiking Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Trail Guide: Laguna Esmeralda Trail Guide

Getting there can be done by taxi, shuttle bus, rental car, or by tour. As it is one of the more popular trails, there will always be some sort of option out there.

Hiking Tour: Check out this Lake Esmeralda Hiking Tour for a guided option to take part of the trail

Laguna Esmeralda Hiking

Vinciguerra Glacier & Laguna de los Tempanos

Another hiking trail just outside the city center is Vinciguerra Glacier & Laguna de los Tempanos.

This hike not only takes you to another beautiful lake, but also to a glacier that hangs above the lake itself.

From the trailhead, you will walk through some meadows, across the river, into the forest, up the river, and onwards to the lake itself.

You can enjoy some views from on top of the small hill and from the lakeside itself. If you are up for a little bit more of an adventure, follow the trail around the right hand side of the lake up to the glacier.

Once up top, you will be face to face with the white glacier ice, and get to view the lake from the other side.

The trail stats for the hike are as follows:

  • Trailhead Location: -54.764343, -68.301304
  • Driving Time from Ushuaia: 15 minutes
  • Trail Type: Out and back
  • Hiking Distance: 11.5 km / 7.2 miles
  • Elevation Gain: +650 meters / +2,132 feet
  • Hiking Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Trail Guide: Vinciguerra Glacier & Laguna de Los Tempanos Trail Guide

Unless things have changed, there are no shuttle busses that go to this trailhead. You can take a taxi, rental car, or join a guided tour though.

Hiking Tour: Check out this Vinciguerra Glacier Hiking Tour for a guided option to take part of the trail

Vinciguerra Glacier & Laguna de los Tempanos Viewpoint

Glacier Martial

The last main nearby hiking trail I will mention is the Glacier Martial. The glacier is located directly above the Ushuaia town center, and can be reached by a moderate hiking trail.

Throughout the hike up from the parking lot trailhead, you will get great views of the glacier up top out in front of you, as you slowly gain elevation along the way.

Once you reach the top, great views of Ushuaia will be out back with the glacier right beside you. During the hike, there are also some additional viewpoints to add on and alternative routes that all meet up with each other.

Learn more by checking out the trail stats and hiking guide below:

  • Trailhead Location: Refugio de Montana
  • Driving Time from Ushuaia: 15 minutes
  • Trail Type: Out and back
  • Hiking Distance: 8.4 km / 5.2 miles
  • Elevation Gain: +588 meters / +1,930 feet
  • Hiking Duration: 3 hours
  • Trail Guide: Glacier Martial Trekking Guide
Glacier Martial River

Beagle Channel

While spending time on land is one way to go about your time in Ushuaia, spending some time out on the water is another.

The Beagle Channel runs through this area of Patagonia cutting between Argentina and Chile. The waterway is full of wildlife, lighthouses, small islands, and nonstop viewpoints along the way.

Most of the Beagle Channel cruises make their way to Martillo Island, where you can view hundreds of penguins from the boat.

These cruises usually last a full morning or afternoon, and depart directly from the town center.

This is certainly a must do when visiting Ushuaia, so be sure to add it onto the list!

Beagle Channel Boat Tour Option

See below for a top rated Beagle Channel tour option for your time out on the water:

Beagle Channel Views Ushuaia

Walk with Penguins – Martillo Island

While a normal Beagle Channel cruise is worth it, there are some cruises that also include a walking with penguins option on Martillo Island.

This way you are not just seeing the penguins from the boat, but you are actually walking on the island, passing by thousands of penguins along the way.

Only certain companies are able to offer this experience, one of which is Piratour.

During a trip, you will take part of a Beagle Channel Navigation, visit the Harberton Ranch, and spend an hour on Martillo Island itself.

This is truly one of the top experiences to take part of in Ushuaia, so be sure to book your spot in advance. Expect a full day tour lasting 7+ hours.

Tour Option: This Martillo Island Penguin tour is also an option but it may not include a full Beagle Channel navigation

King Penguin Ushuaia

Helicopter Scenic Flight

Since you will already see Ushuaia by land and sea, there is just one more way to see the region. Taking a helicopter flight will have you flying over Patagonia with views of mountains, glaciers, waterways, valleys, and plenty more all along the way.

A helicopter will be a whole different type of experience to take part of as you take in Ushuaia from a new perspective.

There are a few different options to go about a scenic flight including 7 minute, 15 minute, and 30 minute choices.

Ushuaia Sky

4X4 Escondido and Fagnano Lakes

Another potential tour to take part of is taking a 4X4 to the Escondido and Fagnano Lakes.

These tours take you on rugged terrain that just can’t be visited by an everyday tourist. Along the way you will take in views, hike along the trails, and even head on a canoe ride with some options.

It is a great way to combine adrenaline activities with more laid back and relaxing activities.

If you are up for a different type of exploration, check out some 4 X 4 tours to Escondido and Fagnano Lakes. Most of these types of tours last for the full day and include a nice meal along the way.

Walk Along the Waterfront

Last but not least is enjoying a nice peaceful stroll along the Ushuaia waterfront.

After landing in the late afternoon during my trip, I had several hours of daylight remaining. So, to get things started, I took part of a loop trail that wrapped around the Bahia Encerrada waterfront area.

Along the way, I also got to see the End of the World Sign, Saint Christopher ship, and several viewpoints (miradors).

If you have some time to spare and just want to take part of a more relaxing activity, this one is for you!

Bahia Encerrada

7) Ushuaia Itinerary

Now that you have a better idea of what many of the top things to do in Ushuaia are, it is time to talk through some Ushuaia itinerary options.

These itineraries will range from one day to four days, depending on how much time you have to spare. While these are just some ideas, you can easily mix and match activities as you see fit.

As mentioned earlier, I would recommend around 3-4 days in Ushuaia to fully take advatange of your time there and not rush through.

1 Day in Ushuaia

With just 1 day to spare in Ushuaia, you will need to be very efficient with your time and schedule. To make the most out of it, I would recommend combining Tierra del Fuego National Park with a Beagle Channel Navigation.

It is going to be a long and fun filled day, but you may as well take advantage!

Stop 1: Tierra del Fuego

Get an early start and take a rental car or taxi into the National Park. Opening time is around 8:30AM, so I would recommend getting into the park as soon as possible.

It is most likely going to be too risky to take the shuttles as they operate on a set schedule and it could cause less than ideal timings altogether.

Once inside, you can take part of a hiking trail, visit the Lapataia Sector, enjoy some viewpoints, and make your way to Bahia Lapataia lakeside at the end of Route 3.

You will need to keep an eye out on timing as the afternoon Beagle Channel tours usually start around 3:00PM give or take.

After finishing up with the park, hop back into your taxi or rental car, and back to the town center.

Stop 2: Beagle Channel

After a little bit of downtime in town, head on over to the port area to take part of a Beagle Channel navigation. Make sure you join a tour that takes you all the way to Martillo Island, so you at least get to see the penguins from the boat!

After touring the Beagle Channel, and seeing the wildlife, you will arrive back in Ushuaia. Spend the evening in town before departing the following day.

Note: you may be able to join a Walking with Penguins tour but it all depends on timing

Trekking in Tierra del Fuego National Park

2 Days in Ushuaia

With two days in Ushuaia, you should have a bit more flexibility and time to enjoy what the area has to offer. Now, 2 days is still a bit quick, but I will lay out a couple options here.

Day 1

Your first day will fully be dedicated to enjoying all that Tierra del Fuego National Park has to offer. Instead of worrying about timing, simply head on out to the park first thing in the morning, and then spend the full day hiking and/or driving around.

You will have more time to take part of a proper hike, sped time at the Alakush Visitor Center, and explore all that the Lapataia sector has to offer.

This will give you the chance to enjoy it all at a much more leisurely pace without the worry about a schedule and getting back into town.

Day 2

On the second day, I would recommend taking part of the Beagle Channel Navigation & Walking with Penguins tour.

You can check out the availability with Piratour, and join the trip that combines the Beagle Channel navigation with Martillo Island and Harberton Ranch.

In my mind, this is the tour to do as you get the best of both worlds. You will be able to see all that the Beagle Channel has to offer, in addition to actually getting to walk among the penguins on the island.

Alternate Option

Now, if you want to squeeze in some more into your 2 days in Ushuaia, there is another way to go about it.

On day 1, you can combine Tierra del Fuego with the Beagle Channel (similar to 1 day itinerary). On day 2, you can then take part of another hike such as Laguna Esmeralda. This way you can enjoy one of the most beautiful hiking trails and still not miss out on the other activities.

Senda de la Baliza Terra del Fuego

3 Days in Ushuaia

With 3 days in Ushuaia, you will further be able to enjoy what the area has to offer. There will be no need to combine days or rush through anything. Simply pick your activity for the day and go with it!

Below would be my recommendation when it comes to a 3 day Ushuaia itinerary:

  • Day 1: Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • Day 2: Beagle Channel Navigation & Martillo Island
  • Day 3: Laguna Esmeralda Hike

For more details about the days, feel free to read the above!

Ushuaia Travel Itinerary

4 Days in Ushuaia

And finally, with 4 days in Ushuaia, you will be able to get even more activities in. Another benefit with 4 days is that if the weather does not cooperate for a day, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy it all.

  • Day 1: Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • Day 2: Beagle Channel Navigation & Martillo Island
  • Day 3: Laguna Esmeralda Hike
  • Day 4: Vinciguerra Glacier Hike or Martial Glacier Hike (+ Helicopter Ride!)

As mentioned, it is quite easy to pick and choose what you are most interested in and build the days as you see fit.

It is hard to go wrong with any of the activities mentioned as you put together the Ushuaia itinerary that is best for you.

Ushuaia Things To Do

8) Is Ushuaia Worth It

To round out this overview, you may be asking yourself if Ushuaia is worth it. In my mind, yes, it is worth it. This is more so the case though if you give yourself the time to enjoy it all.

Would I have the same answer if I just had 1-2 days in the city? I’m not sure I would given I would not know of all the various things to do.

However, if you have the 3+ days available in your itinerary and want to visit the southernmost city of South America, then Ushuaia is certainly worth it.

Ushuaia Activities

Hope you enjoy this Ushuaia itinerary overview. If you have any questions, be sure to add them in below. Also, don’t forget to check out the other Patagonia itineraries and guides up on the site.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Ushuaia Itineraries

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