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Where to Find the BEST Views of the Brooklyn Bridge (by a Local!)

Where to Find the BEST Views of the Brooklyn Bridge (by a Local!)

When it comes to finding the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge, there are many spots to consider. Whether that be from Manhattan, Brooklyn, up in the air, or on the river, the options are endless.

This helpful guide will go through all of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge and where to find them. By the end of reading through you will be well on your way to enjoying this iconic NYC structure for yourself.

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1) Background & Things to Know

Located between the Financial District in Manhattan and the Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn, you will find one of the most famous bridges in the world.

The Brooklyn Bridge spans 6,016 feet in length as it connects these two boroughs over the East River. Built back in 1881, the bridge has helped millions of cars, people, bicycles, and even animals back in the day, get between Manhattan & Brooklyn.

The bridge itself is a suspension bridge, and at the time of opening was the longest suspension bridge in the world. With its suspension cables & famed columns, the Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect backdrop to any photo.

When it comes to the best Brooklyn Bridge view spots, there are a lot of options to choose from. These spots can be grouped into the following sections:

  • East River Greenway (Manhattan)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park (Brooklyn)
  • All Other (ferry, helicopter, etc)

Throughout the remainder of this guide, I will dive into more detail about each of these sections and name several more detailed spots of where to view the Brooklyn Bridge from afar.

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Brooklyn Bridge Views

2) Viewpoints Map

To give you a better idea of where to find the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge, I have included a map below. This map shows the exact location for these NYC view spots to better help you get there on your own.

3) Best Views of the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan

Let’s start off with the views that you can enjoy from Manhattan of the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of these are going to be along the East River Greenway.

While the greenway makes up the length of the east side of Manhattan, you will only really get views of the Brooklyn Bridge at the southern section of the Greenway between Pier 35 and Pier 15. The spots mentioned below will go from north to south:

Pier 35

From Pier 35 you will be able to enjoy both the Manhattan Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge in one single frame. In addition, you will have the World Trade Center & downtown Manhattan skyline in view.

While it is not the perfect shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, it is a unique shot as you get to capture much more than just the bridge itself.

Also, at Pier 35 you will come across plenty of seating (including some swinging benches), making it the perfect place to enjoy a nice sunset overlooking the river.

Pier 35 NYC

Two Bridge View

Right on the East River Greenway, between the Manhattan Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge, you will come across a view point where both bridges converge into Brooklyn.

This is a great wide angle view of the bridges, and it will give you a more open view of the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

As you continue to walk south from here, the whole walkway will be filled with continuous views of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is another great section of riverside to walk along during sunset to catch the last light hitting the bridge.

Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge Views
East River Greenway Brooklyn Bridge Views

South Street Seaport

The East River Greenway makes its way under the bridge, where you will soon be welcomed to the South Street Seaport area. This small district is full of shops, restaurants, museums, bookstores, and more.

The brick buildings and cobble stone streets make for a beautiful area to walk around. Throughout the Seaport area you are sure to come across views of the Brooklyn Bridge popping up out in the distance.

In addition to the views from the Seaport, there is plenty more to enjoy as you walk along the area – including its piers (some top places to visit near the Brooklyn Bridge).

South Street Seaport Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge View from Seaport

Pier 17

The most famous of East River piers is Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. This renovated pier is home to several restaurants, bars & fast casual spots.

At the pier, you will also get some of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge from all around.

You can head to the river deck on the north side of the pier, or you can even head up to the rooftop to get some elevated views of the bridge. Whatever you choose here, it is hard to go wrong.

Pier 17 Rooftop Views
Pier 17 Pumpkins
Pier 17 Views

Pier 15

Just next door to Pier 17 is Pier 15. At this pier you will find the Watermark restaurant on the bottom floor and a rooftop park on the second floor. This is a perfect spot to grab a seat and relax at as you get some more views of the Brooklyn Bridge from a distance.

Pier 15 Rooftop Views
Pier 15 Brooklyn Bridge Views

World Trade Center

Moving away from the river, you can enjoy the best elevated view of the Brooklyn Bridge (and much more) from the top of the One World Trade Center Observatory.

While you will need to pay an entrance fee to head up to the top, the views are certainly unmatched. You will get an unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline and all of the surrounding boroughs.

Looking downwards to the east, and you will get those Brooklyn Bridge views from above.

Note that you can also get some views of the Brooklyn Bridge from other farther away observation decks such as Top of the Rock.

Brooklyn Bridge View from One World

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4) Best Views of the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn

Next up is a list of the top spots to view the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn. All of the spots on this list will be from the Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods since that is essentially the only place in Brooklyn with views of the bridge.

More specifically, these views will mostly be along Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park is 1+ miles long that hugs the East River and is full of piers, walkways, parks, restaurants and more. Again, I will go north to south here:

Pebble Beach

On the north side of the Brooklyn Bridge you will find Pebble Beach. This small beach gives visitors the perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline out behind it.

There are plenty of seating areas around the beach, and it makes for one of the best (and most popular) spots to take in the Brooklyn Bridge.

Heading there for sunset will give you the chance to enjoy those views with the final light hitting NYC.

Pebble Beach Sunset NYC

Timeout Market Rooftop

Just across the street from Pebble Beach is the Timeout Market. Within the market you will find a whole variety of food options to enjoy as well as a rooftop bar.

You can enjoy drinks from the bar, or just head up the staircase to the adjacent rooftop to enjoy views of the Brooklyn Bridge from above.

Time Out Market Rooftop Night

Empire Fulton Ferry

One of the parks that is part of the larger Brooklyn Bridge Park is called Empire Fulton Ferry. Here you find a large grassy area to enjoy right alongside the famous Jane’s Carousel.

You will have some of the most up close and personal views of the Brooklyn Bridge from here as you hang out by the riverside.

Also note that the entire pathway from Pebble Beach down to Empire Fulton Ferry will have plenty of additional views to enjoy.

Brooklyn Bridge Janes Carousel
DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Directions
Brooklyn Bridge Foliage

Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

One of the newest additions to Brooklyn Bridge Park is the Emily Warren Roebling Plaza that is located under the bridge itself. Here you can stand underneath the bridge overlooking the East River and the skyline out back.

Be sure to read up on some Brooklyn Bridge facts to learn more about who Emily Warren Roebling is.

How to Get to the Brooklyn Bridge

The River Café

If you are looking to have a meal with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, then look no further than The River Café. This upscale riverside restaurant sits just next to the Brooklyn Bridge and offers some beautiful cityscape views.

The River Cafe NYC

Ferry Landing

Just next to The River Café, you will find the Ample Hills Creamery and the Dumbo ferry terminal. I found this area offers some of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the south side.

Brooklyn Bridge History

Pier 1

While there are many piers that are part of Brooklyn Bridge Park, most of them will offer obstructed views of the bridge (or just be too far away from the bridge itself.

However, Pier 1 does offer some great views of the Brooklyn Bridge all along its promenade.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Lookout

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The final Dumbo viewpoint I will mention is the one that can be found at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge (one of the top hotels in NYC with a view).

At the hotel you will find a rooftop bar & pool, where you can enjoy a drink with a view.

If you are thinking of a place to stay while in the city, I would definitely recommend checking out the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

On the other hand, you can just make a reservation at the bar to enjoy the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from above.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

While all of the spots mentioned above are located along Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is one more place I want to mention in Brooklyn.

Heading further south, you will come across the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which is an elevated walkway above Brooklyn Bridge Park.

All throughout the walkway you will have fantastic views of the East River, Manhattan skyline, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

While the bridge is a bit further out in the distance, it does make for a very scenic Brooklyn Bridge viewpoint.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Viewpoint
Top Views of the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Foliage View

Which Side of the Brooklyn Bridge is Better?

With that said, you may now be wondering which side of the Brooklyn Bridge is better.

I would say the Brooklyn side, mostly due to the fact that you can see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline all in one view. That is something you just wont get from the Manhattan side.

Or you can get right in between Manhattan and Brooklyn by checking out the Manhattan Bridge, which is up next on this list.

5) Manhattan Bridge

One of my favorite views of the Brooklyn Bridge is from the Manhattan Bridge walkway. The Manhattan Bridge is located just north of the Brooklyn Bridge, so it offers the perfect viewpoint.

You will need to get yourself onto the walking path and then closer to the Brooklyn side of the bridge to get the best photos.

Having that very elevated view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan skyline, and Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect landscape to take in.

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset Manhattan Bridge

6) Brooklyn Bridge

Of course, you can also enjoy views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the bridge itself. Now, these views will be different than the other ones on this list as you get a new perspective.

My advice would to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan as you enjoy the suspension cables, towers, and more along the way.

As the walkway is centered on the bridge, you will get some fantastic views of the bridge with the Manhattan skyline out behind it.

Since walking the bridge is one of the most popular things to do in NYC, I would recommend either heading there early on in the day (even for a Brooklyn Bridge sunrise), or heading to the Brooklyn Bridge at night.

Brooklyn Bridge Cables
Brooklyn Bridge in Snow
Brooklyn Bridge Nighttime Walk

7) Governors Island

Situated just south of Manhattan and west of Brooklyn is Governors Island. This small island is a great little getaway from city and is full of things to do.

Whether it is enjoying the historic buildings, eating at one of the few waterfront restaurants, heading to the QC NY Spa, or of course taking in the views.

While there are great views all throughout the island, you will be able to get some great views of the Brooklyn Bridge just nearby the ferry terminal.

In addition, you will have elevated views from Outlook Hill. In one direction you will have the Statue of Liberty and in the other will be the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you want to spend a night on the island, you can do that at the Collective. Here you will find a great glamping experience to take part of for a night or a full weekend.

Governors Island Views Brooklyn Bridge
Governors Island Brooklyn Bridge

8) Liberty State Park

While I wouldn’t recommend heading all the way to Liberty State Park in New Jersey just for views of the Brooklyn Bridge, I would still recommend a visit in general.

The park is full of viewpoints overlooking the Manhattan skyline and is the closest mainland to the Statue of Liberty.

If you head to the southern end of the park nearby Flag Plaza / Black Tom Island, you will get some views way out in the distance of the Brooklyn Bridge.

What makes this view special is that you can get a full landscape of the bridge, the city, and the Statue of Liberty all in one shot.

You can also walk along the Jersey City waterfront for more views over NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge from New Jersey
Brooklyn Bridge View from NJ

9) NYC Ferry or Boat Cruise

If the mainland is not for you, taking in the Brooklyn Bridge views from the waterways of NYC is an option too. There are a few ways to go about it, but you can either decide to take a boat cruise tour or just view the bridge during a NYC ferry ride.

The NYC ferry connects all different parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. So, you are sure to come across the bridge if making your way along the East River. Just be sure to understand what route you are going on to ensure views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a longer boat cruise that focuses in on the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and other highlights along the way. This will give you more time to truly experience the NYC waterways.

Brooklyn Bridge Water Taxi

10) Helicopter Ride

Last but not least is getting to experience NYC from above during a helicopter ride.

Having the chance to get that elevated view of the Brooklyn Bridge and plenty other NYC highlights is sure to be a top activity to take part of. This will give you the chance to see the entire see including views of Central Park!

Be sure to sign up for an NYC Helicopter tour as you plan your trip to NYC.

NYC Helicopter View Brooklyn Bridge

11) Where is the Best View of the Brooklyn Bridge

If I had to choose just one spot in NYC for the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge, I would have to go with Pebble Beach in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

You will have the chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view of the bridge with the Manhattan skyline out in the background.

While there are certainly plenty of other spots to consider (as you can on this list), Pebble Beach really gives you that wholistic view. Not only does it give you the view, but it is also one of the more easily accessible and comfortable places to take it all in.

It is also one of my favorite NYC photo spots as it makes for a perfect landscape at anytime of day.

East River Brooklyn Bridge at Night

I hope this guide has helped you better understand where to find the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other New York itineraries and guides up on the site (like the best things to do in New York City).

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Best View of Brooklyn Bridge

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