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Brooklyn Heights Promenade Complete Guide | Map, Photos & More

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Complete Guide  | Map, Photos & More

When it comes to views overlooking New York City, the Brooklyn Height Promenade is right up there with the best of them.

Stretching 1,800+ feet over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the promenade offers a walking path, benches, foliage, and of course the views of the NYC skyline.

This guide will talk through what the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is all about and how to plan a visit there during your time in New York City.

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1) Brooklyn Heights Promenade History

Before we get into visiting the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, let’s talk about its history and how it came to be.

BQE: In the early 1940’s, there was a need to build a highway between Brooklyn and Queens. Robert Moses, who was the New York City parks commissioner, proposed to build the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) right through the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

Protest: Once the proposal was sent out, residents of Brooklyn Heights began to protest the current plan. Instead, they counter proposed to move the BQE just west of the neighborhood itself.

Design: The plan was eventually accepted and a three level cantilevered structure was designed. The two bottom levels of the structure would be the highway, and the top tier of the structure would be turned into the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Opening: Between the years of 1950-1954, the BQE and the promenade were slowly opened up for public use. It quickly became a hot spot for locals and tourists to enjoy the views along a scenic elevated walk overlooking the East River.

Clarification: Just to clarify before continuing on, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is not the same as the Brooklyn Bridge Park Promenade. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is an elevated walkway overlooking Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Itinerary: Visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade as part of a 4 Day NYC Itinerary

The photo below, looking northbound, shows the three level cantilevered bridge, with the BQE cars on the bottom two levels, & Brooklyn Heights promenade on that top third level. On the right hand side you will find Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Queens Expressway

2) Helpful Information & FAQs

Below are some helpful facts when it comes to the promenade and what to expect as you walk along it.

How long is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade?

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade comes in at 1,826 feet (556 meters), or just about 1/3 of a mile.

It is essentially a perfectly straight pathway that runs north to south, with views of the East River, Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park all in view.

If walking along it without stopping, it should take just around 10 minutes. However, I imagine you may want to spend time enjoying the NYC views, sitting down on a bench, and just taking in the skyline.

Be sure to check out some of the other top views in New York City during a visit.

Where Do I Enter the Brooklyn Heights Promenade?

There are 6 different entrances to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. However, if you are looking to walk its entirety, you will want to enter from the Remsen Street or Orange Street entrances (most southbound and most northbound).

Below are the entrances from south to north:

  • Remsen Street
  • Montague Street
  • Pierrepont Street
  • Clark Street
  • Pineapple Street
  • Orange Street

Essentially as you are walking through the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood along any of these streets, you will just want to walk all the way westbound until you hit the promenade.

Is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade Free?

Yes, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is totally free. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, relaxing, free activity to do while in Brooklyn, definitely add the promenade to your list.

The promenade is one of the best things to do near the Brooklyn Bridge and one of the top things to do in New York City!

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Entrance

3) How to Get There

There are a few main ways to get yourself to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade depending on your preferences. Below you can find the main ways to go about it:


If you are coming in from further away and want the cheapest (and a pretty convenient option), then hop on the NYC subway. For just $2.90 a ride you can get yourself all around NYC.

The closest subway stations to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade include:

  • Court Street Station: R Train
  • Borough Hall Station: 2 & 3 Trains | 4 & 5 Trains
  • Clark Street Station: 2 & 3 Trains
  • High Street Station: A & C Trains


Depending on where you are coming from, you can easily walk over to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade as well. Whether that means you are visiting Dumbo and/or Brooklyn Bridge Park beforehand or even if you are walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park:

One of the more popular ways to go about a day around the area is to visit both the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park. While the promenade is elevated overlooking the park, the park level is directly next to the riverside. 

Getting between the two is quite easy. All you need to do is continue northbound from the promenade to Squibb Park. Once you reach the park, you will head across the Squibb Park Bridge, and then down the staircase. This will have you exiting right around Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Citi Bike

Taking a Citi Bike bicycle is also an option here. Throughout NYC you will find Citi Bike stations where you can pickup and drop-off bicycles. These cost $4.49 per trip for a 30 minute ride.

Nearby the promenade you will find Citi Bike stations at:

  • Clinton & Joralemon
  • Clinton & Montague
  • Clinton & Tillary
  • Clark & Henry
  • Columbia Heights & Cranberry


Taking a taxi or Uber will be the most convenient of options as you will get dropped off right by the entrance to the promenade. Some of the closest addresses on Remsen Street would be numbers 8, 10, 12, 14.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Parking

If you happen to be driving your own car into Brooklyn Heights, then you will need to find parking. You may be able to find parking along the side streets around Brooklyn Heights (and Brooklyn Bridge Park).

However, if you are having trouble finding, then there are paid parking lots as well including:

  • Icon Parking: 180 Montague Street
  • SP+ Parking: 200 Cadman Plaza West
  • LAZ Parking: 80 Furman Street

NYC Ferry

Lastly, you can also take the ferry over to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and from there make your way up to the promenade. There are two main ferry stops in the park – one at Pier 1 (Dumbo) and one at Pier 6 / Atlantic Avenue.

These ferries make their way in from downtown Manhattan, Governors Island, and further north in Brooklyn and Queens.

Feel free to check out the NYC ferry schedules to learn more.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Walkway

4) Promenade Walking Map

Below you can find a map of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade along with the several entrances mentioned earlier on.

In addition, I have added in other nearby highlights such as the Fruit Street Seating Area and the Squibb Park & Bridge.

All along the riverside, you will find Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is certainly worth the visit before or after walking the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

5) Brooklyn Heights Promenade Photos

Once you have made it to one of the promenade entrances, you will then get to walk all along this elevated walkway. During a walk you will get to enjoy so many highlights of the NYC skyline and other iconic landmarks (including views of the Brooklyn Bridge). 

Be sure to check out some of the other top NYC photo spots during a trip to the city.

Below are some of my favorite photos I took during my walk along the promenade, looking in all different directions.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Views
Brooklyn Heights Walkway
Benches on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Brooklyn Bridge Foliage
Brooklyn Heights Promenade Foliage
Brooklyn Heights Promenade Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Heights Birds
Brooklyn Heights Promenade East River
Brooklyn Bridge Views from Brooklyn
Brooklyn Heights Promenade Running

As you are making the walk along, be sure to just sit back and enjoy those views at one of the many benches that line the walkway. It is a relaxing way to just spend some time taking it all in.

6) Other Nearby Things To Do

Before or after your time on the promenade, I would also recommend visiting the following nearby places:

Fruit Street Sitting Area

Just by the northernmost entrance/exit of the promenade at Orange Street you will find the Fruit Street Sitting Area. If you didn’t have the chance to enjoy one of the benches on the promenade, this is another option.

Views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the NYC skyline will highlight the panoramas out in front of you.

Brooklyn Heights Views
Fruit Streets Seating Area

Squibb Park Bridge

If you continue walking a few minutes northbound from the sitting area, you will come across Squibb Park. Here you will also find the famous Squibb Park Bridge, which connects the elevated area around Brooklyn Heights with the riverside area of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

This bridge has become a famous attraction and photo spot in NYC with its zig zag design, and downtown Manhattan skyline views.

Squibb Park Bridge
Squibb Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park

At the bottom of the bridge, you will immediately be welcomed to Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park. From here you can decide to head south or north (or both) to visit all that the park has to offer. Some highlights of the park include:

  • Piers 1-6
  • Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
  • Jane’s Carousel
  • Pebble Beach
  • Time Out Market (and Rooftop)
  • Main Street Park
  • John Street Park

Learn More | Brooklyn Bridge Park

Old Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Manhattan Bridge Dumbo Viewpoint

Located on Washington Street in the Dumbo neighborhood you will come across the most famous of Instagram spots – the Manhattan Bridge Dumbo viewpoint.

Throughout the street you will find the Manhattan Bridge perfectly aligned with the Empire State Building peaking out under the bridge.

This is a hectic photo spot, so if you are looking to enjoy it without the crowds, then an early morning visit would be my recommendation.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

Bridge Walks

Lastly, you can also take a stroll across either (or both) the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. Both of the bridges connect the Dumbo area to downtown Manhattan and make for some scenic walks.

The Brooklyn Bridge walk is going to be the more popular option as it is the most famous of bridges in NYC. Getting to walk right along the center of the bridge with the skyline out back and the suspension cables in front of you is a true NYC experience to take part of.

The Manhattan Bridge is a less scenic bridge itself. However, it does offer some of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge from afar. It is the perfect walk to take if you want to enjoy a more panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge Nighttime Walk

That about wraps up a guide to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out some of the other New York itineraries and guides up on the site (like the top non touristy things to do in New York).

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Brooklyn Bridge Promenade Walk

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Sunday 26th of February 2023

Hello, love your content as it's so full of beautiful, inspiring pictures of NYC as well as great tips for out-of-towners. Just wondering if bikes are permitted on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I plan on renting Citibikes for my family to explore DUMBO but don't want to upset the locals if we bring them to the Promenade. We obviously will walk the bikes, but wanted to know if they are even allowed there. Thanks again for your great website!


Monday 27th of February 2023

Hi there - thanks so much for the kind words. Glad it has helped! So, I just looked through some of my photos, and by the entrance there is a "No Bicycling" sign. I have to imagine walking your bicycle through will be just fine, you just cannot ride them. However, one recommendation I may add is to simply return the Citibike before entering the promenade. You can then walk along the pathway, head down into Squibb Park/Bridge, and then onto Brooklyn Bridge Park. Either way hope you enjoy your time in NYC!