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How to Walk & Run the Central Park Bridle Path

How to Walk & Run the Central Park Bridle Path

Central Park is full of various running and walking paths, however the Central Park Bridle Path is one of the top to choose from. This 4.2 mile soft gravel/dirt path starts in the south of the park, heads through tunnels and past plenty of foliage, before looping around and past the famous reservoir.

This guide will go into detail on how to take part of the Bridle Path for yourself and what to expect along the way.

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1) What is the Central Park Bridle Path

While there is the main paved running/walking loop in Central Park (West and East Drive), the Bridle Path is a great alternative to get off the concrete and apart from the crowds.

For those that want a softer surface and get away from the hectic main loop path, the Central Park Bridle Path can be a great alternative.

The Bridle Path is 4.2 miles long and is mostly all on a softer dirt surface that weaves in and out of the west side of the park before looping around the reservoir area.

While the path is separate from the main Central Park loop, there are several instances where the path goes right alongside the loop path.

This allows you to hop on and off the path if you don’t want to take part of the entire thing or if you are not entering the park near the starting point of the Bridle Path.

The Bridle Path is mainly frequented by walkers and runners (no biking allowed), however you may also find some horseback carriages on it as well. Note that horseback carriages do have the right of way on the path.

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Bridle Path of Central Park
Bridle Path Central Park Terrain

2) Central Park Bridle Path Map

Below is a screenshot from the app of the Central Park Bridle Path map. I would recommend downloading the app to get a better sense of the various paths in the park and it will have you going in the right direction.

I have highlighted the route in pink, but on the app itself you will see the Bridle Path marked with a dotted black line (vs. the various white dotted lines that you will see throughout the remainder of the park).

You can see the path starting in the southwest corner of the park, heading north towards the reservoir, and then going counter clockwise around it.

On the north side of the reservoir you can decide to take part of the full 4.2 mile loop that heads into the North Meadow before coming back around to the reservoir, or you can simply just continue along the reservoir.

By not heading into the North Meadow, the loop will be ~.75 miles shorter.

Central Park Bridle Path Map

3) Starting Point

As you can see on the map above, the starting point is located in the southwest corner of the park. I will give two options to get to the starting point – one being a bit more complicated if you want to start at the true starting point:

To get to the very beginning of the Bridle Path, you can enter the park right by the Columbus Circle entrance and get onto the main walking/running/biking path in the park. From there you can begin walking in the clockwise direction northbound.

Near Pinebank Arch

Just a few minutes on the main path, you will see a dirt path on your right hand side with an arch just behind it – the Pinebank Arch, where the Bridle Path begins.

From this dirt path you will soon meet up with the start of the Bridle Path, where you can then continue northbound in the park. Below is a picture of the dirt path off the main path:

Bridle Path Starting Point Central Park
Pinebank Arch

Near Tavern on the Green

On the other hand, if you don’t mind missing out on the first 5-10 minutes of the Bridle Path, you can instead just continue on the main path, where you will soon pass by Tavern on the Green on your left hand side.

Right in between the main path and Tavern on the Green you will see the dirt Bridle Path. Just hop on from here and head on up to continue on with your walk or run.

Tavern on the Green

Directions to Columbus Circle

While you can enter the park from the east or south and head towards the starting point from there, the easiest entrance would be by Columbus Circle.

There are several subways that stop at Columbus Circle including the A,B,C,D,1,2. You could also take the 4/5/6 to 59th Street and walk 20 minutes or the N/R/W to 59th and 5th stop and walk 10 minutes from there.

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4) Central Park Bridle Path

Once you make it to the starting point of the Bridle Path near the Pinebank Arch, it is time to begin your walk or run northbound. The path will head right along the Heckscher Fields area before crossing underneath West Drive into the Dalehead Arch.

Very soon after you head through the arch, the Bridle Path will be nearly parallel with West Drive. This is also where you will pass by Tavern on the Green on your left hand side (another potential starting point to get yourself onto the Bridle Path).

Directly after Tavern on the Green you will need to cross the intersection to catch the next section of the Bridle Path on the other side.

Dalehead Arch
West Drive Bridle Path

The path will then wind its way through Runner’s Grove as you head through a scenic area of the park and eventually through another couple of tunnels.

It is a great quiet section as you make your way up here surrounded by various foliage greenery in every which direction.

Runners Grove
Central Park Walking Path

The path will eventually wind its way a bit east as you head under West Drive once again and through the Winterdale Arch.

You will soon be walking right alongside the right hand side of West Drive towards the Reservoir (one of the top Central Park photo spots).

Bridle Path Loop Manhattan
Winterdale Arch

Once you reach the reservoir area, you will make a right hand turn at the intersection pictured below, and follow the Bridle Path in a counter clockwise direction around the reservoir.

If you really wanted to, you could also just walk right alongside the reservoir at certain points. The Bridle Path around the reservoir area will be the busiest section of the route as it is right in the center of the Central Park action.

You can learn more in the Central Park Reservoir Loop guide about the path that is closest to the reservoir

Reservoir Bridle Path
Reservoir NYC Path

After reaching the north side of the reservoir, you can then decide from two options – either just continue the loop around the reservoir or you can opt for the longer loop that heads into the North Meadow before coming back to the reservoir.

The image below has the turnoff point to get onto the longer North Meadow loop on the right hand side, where the man in blue is heading.

North Meadow Bridle Path Turn

The Bridle Path will once again be parallel to the main East Drive path (to your right hand side now), and the North Meadow fields will be on your left.

Once you reach the northern part of the North Meadow, the path will head off to the left as you make your way across the 102nd Street crossing.

Bridle Path North Meadow

The path will actually turn a bit uneven for a few minutes as you walk alongside the 102nd Street crossing, but it will eventually turn nice and flat soon after. The Bridle Path will loop around to the west side of the North Meadow as you now head southbound back towards the reservoir.

Soon enough, the reservoir will come back into view and you can decide to walk right alongside it before arriving right back at the reservoir intersection from earlier on in the day.

It is then up to you to decide what to do! There is plenty in the park to walk through as you enjoy some other views of Central Park such as a visit to the Bow Bridge.

North Meadow Bridle Path
Reservoir Bridle Path NYC

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Well, that about wraps up a guide to walking the Central Park Bridle Path. Be sure to also check out the guides to The Ramble and North Woods of Central Park for more options! If you do have any questions or comments, feel free to add them in below.

Learn about all of these and more by checking out the other New York travel guides I have up on the site, like the ones about the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway and the Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Walkway.

If you are looking for some outside of NYC hiking opportunities be sure to check out Bear Mountain, Breakneck Ridge, and Storm King!

Have fun out there and safe travels!

NYC Bridle Path Central Park

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