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20 Best Torres del Paine Hotels (Luxury, Budget & Boutique)

20 Best Torres del Paine Hotels (Luxury, Budget & Boutique)

This list will give you better insight into the 20 best Torres del Paine hotels to choose from.

During a trip to Torres del Paine National Park, there are various ways to go about a visit. You can take part in a multi-day trek, take day trips from Puerto Natales, or decide to stay right there in the park.

By staying within the park itself, you have the chance to fully embrace the natural beauty of the surroundings. At the same time, you will be right at the doorstep of hiking trails, viewpoints, lakes, and so much more.

Read on to learn more about the top hotels in the area across a variety of budget and accommodation styles.

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List of Torres del Paine Hotels

While many people opt to stay further out in Puerto Natales and do day trips into Torres del Paine, why not stay in the National Park itself?

Throughout Torres del Paine, there are a whole variety of accommodation options to choose from. Some are ultra-luxurious & all-inclusive, while others are budget-friendly & more basic.

Here is the list of hotels that I will go into more detail about throughout the remainder of the overview.

All Around Options

The first group of hotels on the list are some of the best all-around options out there. They balance out accommodation, service, location, & price. Expect to find most of these within the $200 – $500 range per night.

1) Hotel Lago Grey (Top Choice #1)
2) Pampa Lodge (Top Choice #2)
3) Morrena Lodge
4) Hotel del Paine
5) Pehoe Hosteria
6) Konkashken Lodge
7) Estancia Tercera Barranca

Hotel Lago Grey

Hotel Lago Grey

When it comes to the best overall option – location, price, views, & comfort – Hotel Lago Grey takes the top spot on the list!

Luxury Options

Also within Torres del Paine, there are many more luxurious options to consider. These can include high-end offerings such as all-inclusive stays, spas, pools, private guides & more. Prices start closer to $1,000 per night and can reach $3,000+.

8) Rio Serrano Hotel and Spa (Top Choice)
9) Explora Patagonia All Inclusive
10) Hotel Las Torres
11) Estancia Cerro Guido
12) Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa
13) Awasi Patagonia

Río Serrano Hotel + Spa

Rio Serrano Hotel

Luxury and all-inclusive hotels can be very expensive in Torres del Paine. Rio Serrano though is the most balanced option to choose from in the category.

Budget Friendly

For those on a budget, there are also several great options. These accommodations will be more basic but do offer a prime location in Torres del Paine. Expect most rates to be below $200 per night.

14) Refugio de Aventura (Top Choice)
15) Cabanas Lago Tyndall
16) Departamentos 8va Maravilla
17) Goiien House
18) Camping Pehoe

Vista al Paine - Refugio de Aventura

Refugio de Aventura

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then Refugio de Aventura is the perfect choice for your time in Torres del Paine.

Glamping Eco Hotels

Lastly are a couple of glamping-like experiences out in the park. Large eco-friendly dome structures give visitors the chance to experience the landscape in a whole new way.

19) Ecocamp Patagonia
20) Patagonia Camp

Accommodation Tips & Notes

Book Early: These are some of the most in demand accommodation options in Chilean Patagonia. Most of them will sell out early on. Try and book your spots before they run out!

Nightly Minimums: A subset of the hotels may have 2-3 night minimums. Just be aware of that as you plan your trip. I would recommend at least that amount of time anyway to fully enjoy the park.

All Inclusive: Be aware when pricing is all inclusive. This usually means that transport, accommodation, meals, drinks, and tours will be taken care of.

Refugios & Campsites: Lastly, there are also campsites & refugios that are located on the hiking trails of Torres del Paine. Most notably, the W and O treks have these accommodations for those taking on the multi day routes. I will touch upon those briefly at the end.

All Around Options

We will start off the list with some of the best all around options when it comes to Torres del Paine National Park accommodation.

These hotels are right in the mid-point range of pricing and will offer comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable stays.

1) Hotel Lago Grey

When it comes to an ideal location in Torres del Paine, it does not get much better than Lago Grey.

The hotel sits on the southern end of the lake, where you will get beautiful views of the surrounding landscape from just outside your window.

In addition, the hotel is where busses drop off & pick up, and where boats depart from to get to Refugio Grey & Grey Glacier. From a logistical perspective, this makes Hotel Lago Grey one of the best choices out there.

Right outside your doorstep will be hiking trails, viewpoints, and easy access to explore deeper into the National Park.

I would recommend joining a Lago Grey boat excursion as you get to see the glacier up close and then get dropped off by the Grey Refugio. There you can take part in hiking trails, visit the suspension bridges, go on a glacier trek, or kayak in the waters.

Check Hotel Lago Grey Availability

Hotel Lago Grey
Hotel Lago Grey /

2) Pampa Lodge

  • Location: Serrano River
  • Price: $400 – $500
  • Check Rates: Pampa Lodge

One of the main locations that has a subset of hotels options is the Serrano Village. The village surrounds the nearby Serrano River area. You can see on the map above that many accommodation choices are grouped into this area directly outside the Serrano southern entrance.

The Pampa Lodge is one of the top choices when choosing a Serrano River based boutique hotel.

Right when you walk into the main areas of the Pampa Lodge, you will immediately be struck by the floor to ceiling glass windows that give you vantage points over Torres del Paine.

And the views don’t end there! The rooms are also beautifully laid out with wide windows that offer panoramas. The onsite restaurant is also perfect to take in a delicious meal while overlooking the park.

The lodge is also well known for its horseback riding excursions. Hop on one of the many horses at Pampa, and head out on a guided adventure out in the Patagonian wilderness.

Check Pampa Lodge Availability

Pampa Lodge
Pampa Lodge /

3) Morrena Lodge

  • Location: Serrano River
  • Price: $300 – $400
  • Check Rates: Morrena Lodge

The Morrena Lodge is one of the best all-around options to choose from in the Serrano area.

With easy access to the National Park, you can wake up and be hitting the hiking trails in no time. After a day of exploring, the lodge offers comfortable, inviting bedrooms, a restaurant full of local cuisine, and an indoor/outdoor bar area.

It is one of the more eco-friendly hotels out in the area, with a unique architectural design, and plenty of sustainable practices built in.

Check Morrena Lodge Availability

Morrena Lodge
Morrena Lodge /

4) Hotel del Paine

  • Location: Serrano River
  • Price: $300 – $400
  • Check Rates: Hotel del Paine

Continuing on with all around great options in the Serrano River area is Hotel del Paine.

The hotel’s property is located right on a bend of the river, looking northbound. This gives visitors a chance to relax right outside by the water while taking in views of the Torres del Paine landscape out back.

All of the rooms are decked out in a friendly Patagonian style with wood furnishings and local crafts throughout. There is also a top restaurant on site, giving visitors the chance to enjoy some fresh meals after a day out exploring.

For those looking for longer all-inclusive programs, the hotel has those on offer too. Whether it is a fishing expedition or a hiking trip, Hotel del Paine has you covered.

Check Hotel del Paine Availability

Hotel del Paine
Hotel del Paine /

5) Pehoe Hosteria

  • Location: Lago Pehoe
  • Price: $200 – $300
  • Check Rates: Pehoe Hosteria

One of the more uniquely positioned hotels in the park is Pehoe Hosteria. The hotel is located on a small island on the southern end of Lake Pehoe.

Directly outside the hotel are views of the lake and the towering Cuernos del Paine mountains hovering out back. From the small island, you will have easy access to take part in easy day hikes or longer trails deeper inside the park.

Nearby is the famous Mirador Condor viewpoint (one of the top Torres del Paine day hikes), and just north of the island is the Pudeto boat terminal. From there you can make your way across Lake Pehoe and onto Paine Grande for plenty more exploration (like the French Valley).

And from a logistical perspective, it is about 20 minutes by foot to the Camping Pehoe bus stop if you want to come in by public transport.

Check Pehoe Hosteria Availability

6) Konkashken Lodge

  • Location: Serrano River
  • Price: $300 – $400 (family); $100 (dorm)
  • Check Rates: Konkashken Lodge

Just across the street from the Morrena Lodge is the Konkashken Lodge. Now this will be a little bit different of an experience. Instead of a more hotel-like feel, Konkashken offers various bungalow type rooms throughout the property.

These bungalows come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from family options with bunk beds and a kitchenette, to simpler double rooms. There is bound to be a setup that works for your party.

Another great option here for solo and budget travelers is the ability to book a bunk bed in a dormitory room. There aren’t too many backpacker-friendly options out there, but Konkashken does have that available for you.

Check Konkashken Lodge Availability

Konkashken Lodge
Konkashken Lodge /

7) Estancia Tercera Barranca

For a more personal estancia experience, Tercera Barranca is a great option to consider. It is located near the Amarga entrance of the national park and is also just down the road from Laguna Azul.

While the property is vast, the number of guests is small. This makes for a more intimate experience as you explore the ins and outs of Torres del Paine.

Instead of your standard hotel layout, there are several cabin-like rooms spread around the property. You will have a home away from home here as you enjoy your privacy but at the same time have attentive staff helping you out along the way.

Check Estancia Tercera Barranca Availability

Hostería Tercera Barranca
Hostería Tercera Barranca /

Luxury Accommodation

Next up are a handful of luxury hotels in Torres del Paine. Now, these hotels will be more on the expensive side with average nights starting closer to $1,000+. However, with that price comes some of the most high-end accommodations & experiences you can ask for.

Note that the prices reflect all-inclusive rates for two people during peak season.

8) Rio Serrano Hotel and Spa

When it comes to the Rio Serrano area, the Rio Serrano Hotel & Spa takes the top spot. This hotel offers both standard and all-inclusive type options that work well for all types of visitors.

At the Rio Serrano Hotel, you can choose from over 20 different types of expeditions across a variety of categories. No matter how long you choose to stay, there will always be something new & exciting to experience.

Of course, when you are not out and about exploring, the hotel’s spa will keep you nice and relaxed throughout your stay. Not many hotels in Torres del Paine have the spa offerings like this one. It even has one of the few indoor pools in Torres del Paine!

Check Rio Serrano Hotel Availability

Río Serrano Hotel + Spa
Río Serrano Hotel /

9) Explora Patagonia All Inclusive

  • Location: Lago Pehoe
  • Price: Starts at $3,000 (all inclusive)
  • Highlights: Explora Patagonia

Located on the very southwestern point of Lake Pehoe is the Explora Patagonia hotel. This luxurious resort sits right next to the Salto Chico waterfall, which connects Pehoe with the waterways below it.

Whether it is enjoying the Torres del Paine mountains from the large windows, relaxing in its connected spa, or taking a horse out for a ride, Explora offers it all and more.

While staying at Explora, you can expect an all-inclusive experience with accommodation, full board, drinks, guided tours, and transfers all taken care of.

You can also decide to join an extended journey with them heading to their other properties around Patagonia. If you are looking for the top of the top, Explora is for you.

Check Explora Patagonia Availability

Explora en Torres del Paine - All Inclusive
Explora Torres del Paine /

10) Hotel Las Torres

  • Location: TDP Welcome Center
  • Price: Starts at $2,000 (all inclusive)
  • Check Rates: Hotel Las Torres

When it comes to hotels located within the main section of Torres del Paine, Hotel Las Torres is near the top of the list.

Located just minutes away from the Welcome Center, the hotel is in the center of the action. It is the perfect place to stay to take on day hikes such as Mirador Las Torres, or you can even add it onto a longer W Trek / O Trek route.

Having the chance to wake up and be right on the trails is something that few other hotels can offer. This especially holds true when it comes to getting a sunrise experience at the base of the Torres del Paine towers!

Check Hotel Las Torres Availability

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
Hotel Las Torres /

11) Estancia Cerro Guido

One of the more isolated luxury spots is the Estancia Cerro Guido. An estancia, or cattle ranch, gives you the chance to stay on a large open estate. This one in particular is the largest one in the region.

At 100,000 hectares, the estancia offers guests a truly authentic Patagonian experience. Since you will be further removed from the more touristy areas of the park, all-inclusive options are offered here.

Whether it is the three meals per day, relaxing room, or daily guided excursions, you can expect a fun & relaxing stay all the way through.

Check Estancia Cerro Guido Availability

Estancia Cerro Guido
Estancia Cerro Guido /

12) Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

Located on the eastern edge of Sarmiento Lake, the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is yet another high-end hotel option that you can’t go wrong with.

The hotel offers 3-5 day all-inclusive programs as you get everything taken care of for you from beginning to end. Without a doubt, this type of experience will not come cheap, but few hotels in Torres del Paine can match the luxury.

On top of that, there is an indoor pool, hot tub, and spa, making this a truly one-of-a-kind hotel in Torres del Paine.

This is the place to go if you are looking for an exceptional 5-star experience. The rooms, pool, spa, food, tours, staff, and location, all create the perfect combination for a trip to the region.

Check Tierra Patagonia Hotel Availability

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa
Tierra Patagonia Hotel /

13) Awasi Patagonia

  • Location: Cerro Guido
  • Price: Starts at $3,000 (all inclusive)
  • Check Rates: Awasi Patagonia

If you are looking for an isolated setting in Torres del Paine, the Awasi cannot be beaten. Located on a private reserve, this luxurious property takes it up a notch with its service.

The 1 on 1 attention you will get here is simply unmatched. Each of the 14 villas on the property comes with a private guide who will take you on adventures throughout your stay.

You will get to explore the hidden parts of Torres del Paine on your daily excursions that most people don’t even know about.

The villas themselves are beautifully structured with large comfortable designs. And don’t forget about the 5 star food that you will get to enjoy day in and day out!

Check Awasi Patagonia Availability

Budget Friendly

Now, while it may seem like staying in Torres del Paine is expensive, that is not always the case. In actuality, there are many budget friendly options out there. Here are some of the best cheap hotels to consider.

14) Refugio de Aventura

Located in the Serrano Village area is the Refugio de Aventura. This cabin-like accommodation offers a few cozy and comfortable rooms, with a common area to relax & hang out in.

Since there are just a select number of rooms available, it will be a more personable and quiet experience. In addition, the views from the windows look directly out at the paine massif. The combination of the two makes for a scenic and enjoyable atmosphere at the refugio.

Note: next door is the 2 bedroom apartment called Cabañas Vista al Paine if you are looking for a more family friendly option.

Check Refugio de Aventura Availability

Vista al Paine - Refugio de Aventura
Refugio de Aventura /

15) Cabanas Lago Tyndall

Staying in the Serrano Village area is Cabanas Lago Tyndall. These are a group of standalone cabins that are located right near the riverbank.

There are a few different types of bungalow options that can fit anywhere between 4 and 9 people. This, in turn, makes it a great option for families of all sizes.

In addition, these will include a kitchen & living room area, so the whole family can be together after a day of enjoying Torres del Paine.

Check Cabanas Lago Tyndall Availability

Cabañas Lago Tyndall
Cabañas Lago Tyndall /

16) Departamentos 8va Maravilla

Next up in the Serrano sector is Departamentos 8va Maravilla. What we have here are essentially a few standalone cabin “apartments” that can fit up to 6 guests.

The larger apartments have two bedrooms, along with a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and plenty of space outside.

This is a great choice for a budget friendly family option as you really get a lot for your money. Just be aware you will need to bring some food with you as it is not a standard hotel!

Check 8va Maravilla Availability

Departamentos 8va Maravilla
Departamentos 8va Maravilla /

17) Goiien House

  • Location: Amarga
  • Price: $80 – $100 (dorm)
  • Check Rates: Goiien House

For a convenient location just next door to the Amarga entrance, the Goiien House is one of the top budget options to consider.

This is going to be a hostel like accommodation with bunk beds to choose from. There are just 6 beds in the Goiien House, so odds are you will make some quick friends as you adventure further into the park.

Since it is just near the Amarga entrance, you should be able to hike or catch a shared shuttle to the Welcome Center. From there, enjoy the hiking trails, views, lakes, and more!

Check Goiien House Availability

Goiien House
Goiien House /

18) Camping Pehoe

  • Location: Lago Pehoe
  • Price: Starts around $40
  • Check Rates: Camping Pehoe

For a camping experience in Torres del Paine, you can opt for Camping Pehoe. Here you can choose from camping sites or domes, as you enjoy the lakeside location.

One of the best things about Camping Pehoe is that the public transport busses include the campsite as one of their stops. So all around you will really be able to have a budget friendly trip.

Not only that, but there are also some beautiful nearby hiking trails to enjoy such as Mirador Condor.

It is without a doubt one of the top options to consider if you are looking for that camping experience near the park.

Check Camping Pehoe Availability

Glamping Eco Hotels

While normal camping is one thing, glamping is a whole other type of experience. There are a couple eco style glamping choices to choose from in Torres del Paine

19) Ecocamp Patagonia

Ecocamp Patagonia is located right next to the Torres del Paine Welcome Center in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. It is known to be the world’s first geodesic dome hotel.

The sustainable camp is beautifully designed with some domes even offering heating, electricity, and private bathrooms with hot showers. For a true top of the line glamping experience, Ecocamp does a great overall job providing for its guests.

You can decide to stay at the domes and simply do some day hikes around the park, or you can even add this spot as part of the O or W Circuit.

Check Ecocamp Patagonia Availability

Ecocamp Patagonia
Ecocamp Patagonia /

20) Patagonia Camp

  • Location: Lago el Toro
  • Price: $800 (all inclusive)
  • Check Rates: Patagonia Camp

If you are looking to live in some lakeside yurts during your time in Torres del Paine, then the Patagonia Camp is the top pick.

Situated on the southern end of Lago el Toro are a variety of yurts that overlook the National Park. These yurts come in a variety of categories – some have jacuzzis, others have multiple rooms, and there are even family options available.

There is a restaurant, bar, and lounge on site, where you will be able to hang out after a day of excursions around the park.

Check Patagonia Camp Availability

Patagonia Camp
Patagonia Camp /

Torres del Paine Campsites & Refugios

In addition to all of the hotels, lodges, and estancias, mentioned above, there are also campsites and refugios run by two organizations – Vertice and Las Torres.

These accommodation options are used by those taking part of the longer multi day treks within Torres del Paine. Most notably these would be the 5 day W Trek and the 8 day O Trek.

Each day, trekkers will make their way from one campsite/refugio to the next as they get a more holistic view of Torres del Paine.

If you are not opting for overnight treks, then these won’t really be needed. However, it is still possible to do a “mini” hike by leveraging 1-2 of these spots.

Below are the 9 different options to choose from:

  • Seron (campsite only)
  • Dickson
  • Los Perros (campsite only)
  • Grey
  • Paine Grande
  • Frances
  • Cuernos
  • Chileno
  • Central

Learn More: Check out the Torres del Paine Campsite & Refugio overview for additional info

Grey Refugio Dining Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s finish up with a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to visiting the Torres del Paine National Park area.

Is It Expensive to Stay in Torres del Paine?

The answer here is that it depends. There are a variety of accommodation options for all types of travelers. On one end of the spectrum, you can find more budget options (and even dorm room options).

However, on the other end of the spectrum, you are looking at hotels that can reach over $4,000 per night!

Overall, staying in Torres del Paine will be more expensive compared to staying in Puerto Natales (more on that next). However, staying near the park will also give you a much more adventurous experience altogether.

What is the Closest Town to Torres del Paine?

If you do not end up staying in Torres del Paine, then Puerto Natales is your next best bet. The drive between the two is about 2 hours, but can be even longer depending on where you are headed in the National Park.

With that said, Puerto Natales is going to be a much more developed place to stay. There will be a whole host of accommodation options, restaurants, gear shops, and more.

To get from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine, you can leverage the public transport bus network or drive your own car.

How Long Should You Stay in Torres del Paine?

This is going to depend on what type of experience you are looking for in Torres del Paine. On the one hand, you may want to take part in a multi day trek like the W or O Circuit. On the other hand, you may just want to do some day hikes and enjoy some views.

If you are staying at any of these hotels, you are probably focused on the latter. In that case, I would advise at least three days in Torres del Paine. This will give you time to enjoy several different highlights along the way.

Heads up though that the weather can be hit or miss in the region. Putting aside an extra day or two just in case can never hurt!

Base of Torres del Paine

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the best hotels in Torres del Paine. Be sure to check out some of the other Patagonia itineraries and guides on the site to learn more.

El Calafate: visit Perito Moreno Glacier and take a glacier boat trip

El Chalten: hike the Huemul Circuit to see the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields, and trek to Laguna de Los Tres

Ushuaia: enjoy Tierra del Fuego and the rest of the hikes in Ushuaia

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Hotels in Torres del Paine

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