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Where to Stay in the Azores (Best Hotels & Towns on ALL 9 Islands)

Where to Stay in the Azores (Best Hotels & Towns on ALL 9 Islands)

If you are wondering where to stay in the Azores, you have come to the right place.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning a trip the Azores and this guide is going to help you out with the top accommodation options out there (throughout ALL of the islands).

Whether you are interested in learning more about the best towns to stay in throughout the 9 islands, or the top hotels in the Azores, this overview has you covered.

From the main island of Sao Miguel to the smallest island of Corvo, let’s dive into the top spots throughout the Azores.

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1) Where to Stay in the Azores Background

As a quick reminder, the Azores are made up of 9 distinct islands in an archipelago within the Atlantic Ocean. Situated less than 1,000 miles off of the coast of Portugal, these islands can be divided into three island groups –Eastern, Central, and Western.

Below is a map that shows the 9 islands and where they are located within the broader area:

  • Sao Miguel (Eastern)
  • Santa Maria (Eastern)
  • Pico (Central)
  • Faial (Central)
  • Sao Jorge (Central)
  • Terceira (Central)
  • Graciosa (Central)
  • Flores (Western)
  • Corvo (Western)
Azores Map

When most people think about the Azores, the main island of Sao Miguel is what comes to mind. While you certainly can make a trip out to just Sao Miguel (as it does offer just so many different experiences), the remainder of the islands are very much worth visiting too.

Don’t worry though, this guide will talk about each one of these 9 islands and give more details on what areas to stay in along with the top accommodation choices.

Learn More: Get yourself more familiar with the archipelago in the Azores Islands overview up on the site

2) Azores Town & Hotel Summary

If you are just looking for a quick high level list of the top areas and hotels to choose from, this consolidated list should do the trick for you.

However, if you want to learn more about the different towns & hotels, and why they were chosen, then keep on reading on!

Accommodation Note: many choices may not necessarily be hotels. Guesthouses, apartments, and B&Bs are common throughout the Azores.

Heads Up! During the peak summer season, the top spots can sell out. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your accommodation options!

For each hotel you will find links that take you directly to the booking pages.

3) Best Place to Stay in Sao Miguel

Let’s start off with the main island of Sao Miguel. For most travelers, Sao Miguel will make it onto an Azores itinerary one way or another.

It is the largest and most populated, in addition to having the greatest number of things to do.

During a visit, you can decide to simply situate yourself in one place, or you can choose from a couple of the main spots.

For Sao Miguel, I would recommend three main places to choose from – Ponta Delgada, Furnas, and Ribeira Grande.

Ponta Delgada

Without a doubt, Ponta Delgada is going to be at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to places to stay on Sao Miguel.

Home to the main city center of Sao Miguel, Ponta Delgada has the most accommodation choices, restaurant options, and is a great place to explore on its own.

If you are someone that wants to be in the center of the action and take in the city scene, then Ponta Delgada is for you.

Even though is it located closer to the western side of the island, it does not take long to make it out to the opposite side. If you have your own car, you should be able to make it as far out as Nordeste in less than an hour. 

One of the main downsides of Ponta Delgada (and the Azores in general), is the lack of parking and tight parking areas. If you want to avoid this, be sure to book a hotel that offers onsite (or even offsite) parking for guests.

Ponta Delgada View

Hotels in Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada will have an array of hotel offerings across the price spectrum. The below three hotels though are some of the best that the town has to offer. You really cannot go wrong with any one of them.

Azoris Royal Garden: after going through a major renovation, the Azoris Royal Garden has turned into one of the best hotels in Ponta Delgada. It is well centrally located, has a spa & pool, and plenty of common places to hang out around.

Octant Ponta Delgada: if you are looking for a hotel with a view, the Octant is for you. The Octant is right near the marina area, just minutes away from the city center. It has everything including a pool, spa & wellness center, and modern feel all the way through.

Grand Hotel Acores Atlantico: when it comes to 5 star hotels in Ponta Delgada, the Grand Hotel Acores Atlantico has you covered. Located right on the waterfront, the hotel if full of amazing views, attentive staff, and an immaculate interior. After a day of exploring you can sit back & relax at the hotel’s restaurant and bar.


If Ponta Delgada is option number 1, then Furnas is option 2. Furnas is located closer to the western side of Sao Miguel, and is another popular place to stay in.

The area around Furnas is best known for its large amount of geothermal activity. Whether those are hot springs, geothermal pools, or the caldeiras & geysers, there is plenty to go around.

It is a smaller and more intimate town center, but does offer a more peaceful alternative than Ponta Delgada. You will also be just minutes away from Furnas Lake, which offers a relaxing place to explore.

Miradouro do Pico do Ferro Furnas

Hotels in Furnas

While smaller than Ponta Delgada, the town of Furnas still has a few high quality hotels to choose from. My recommendation would be to go with Terra Nostra Garden so you can fully take advantage of the onsite gardens & hot spring pool.

Terra Nostra Garden: when it comes to hotels in Furnas, Terra Nostra Garden is on the top of most lists. The hotel is not only a sleek, charming place to stay, but it also has its own thermal pool in its backyard. The Parque Terra Nostra is accessible to hotel guests, with its garden & restaurant nearby as well.

Octant Furnas: another top choice when it come to Furnas is the Octant. At the hotel you can enjoy the relaxing pools, spa, wellness center, and more. The modern hotel is surrounded by a peaceful natural surrounding and its restaurant is one of the best that the town has to offer.

Ribeira Grande

Located near the center of the island, along the northern coast is Ribeira Grande. If you are looking for a different type of atmosphere, then this option can be for you.

Due to its location, you will easily be able to get yourself around the island. Ponta Delgada is just 20 minutes away and Furnas less than 30.

The town sits on the waterfront and even has a river running through the center. Nearby are several viewpoint areas overlooking the coastline and the town itself.

As one of the largest towns on the island, it still does offer a good variety of accommodation & food options, so you shouldn’t have an issue there.

Miradouros Sao Miguel

Hotels in Ribeira Grande

There are a handful of smaller hotels & guesthouses in the Ribeira Grande area. However, none will compete with the Hotel Verde Mar mentioned below.

Hotel Verde Mar: for Ribeira Grande, there is one hotel that just has to be mentioned – Hotel Verde Mar & Spa. The hotel is not only one of the highest rated hotels in Ribeira Grande, but of all of the Azores. It has an indoor & outdoor pool, along with consistent views of the ocean throughout the hotel grounds. The amenities, staff, and service are some of the best you can ask for when it comes to a Sao Miguel hotel.

Other Sao Miguel Hotels

Beyond those main three spots, there are certainly other places to choose from. Below are some top rated hotels that are located a bit more off the beaten path.

These can offer you a more unique experience outside of the main city center of Sao Miguel.

ANC Resort: located along the southern coast in the town of Caloura, the ANC Resort offers everything could want in a hotel experience. Away from a city center, the ANC is made up of apartments and studios overlooking the ocean. Just outside your window will be plenty of greenery & natural beauty that will make your stay that much better.

The Lince Nordeste: on the very eastern end of Sao Miguel is the Nordeste region. Known for its viewpoints and relaxed atmosphere, the region is perfect for those that want to be further away from the action. The pool, gardens, and spa services are sure to make it a relaxing stay after a day of exploring the coast.

SENSI Azores Nature & Spa: on the opposite western side of the island, you can find the town of Ginetes, home to the SENSI Azores Nature & Spa. The boutique hotel has all the bells & whistles you can ask for when it come to an enjoyable stay. The location offers second to none views along with easy access to Sete Cidades and other nearby attractions.

4) Best Place to Stay in Santa Maria

When it comes to some of the smaller islands around the Azores, there is usually one main town center to choose from. In the case of Santa Maria, that area is Vila do Porto.

That is not to say that there aren’t other options out there (which I will also mention). But for the ease of accommodation, food, and location, these town centers will offer the most.

Vila do Porto

Located on the southwestern side of Santa Maria (just nearby the airport), lays Vila do Porto.

The town is filled with picturesque architecture, narrow streets, and local shops. Walking around the town is a highlight of its own as you take it all in.

You will be just nearby the main white sand beach of Praia Formosa, and within short drives to explore what the rest of the island has to offer.

As Santa Maria is one of the lesser visited islands, you are sure to get a very local and an authentic experience by staying in Vila do Porto. The laid back vibe and slower pace of life will be something to fully appreciate as you visit the town.

Santa Maria Azores

Vila do Porto Hotels

Whether you are looking for a hotel, guesthouse, or even a hostel, Santa Maria has some options for you. Check out one of the best hotel option (Charming Blue) and a budget friendly Azores Youth Hostel during your stay.

Charming Blue: not surprisingly, hotels are hard to come by on Santa Maria. However, one of the top choices in Vila do Porto is Charming Blue. Whether it is the decor, atmosphere, or architecture, the hotel gives visitors the chance to feel comfortable & welcome on this Azorean island. There is an outdoor pool, nearby restaurants, and attentive staff to help with your needs.

Azores Youth Hostels Santa Maria: although this is a hostel, you can find both shared and private rooms available on site. Private rooms can also come with their own bathrooms, giving everyone who wants to stay there an option. If you are looking for an affordable, well located, and friendly accommodation option, this one is for you.

Other Santa Maria Hotels

Heading further out from Vila do Porto, I also wanted to touch upon two other options that can be found closer to the eastern side of the island.

Casa dos Valentes: this is simply a holiday home with two bedrooms, a living room (with sofa beds), bathroom, kitchen, and other living spaces. It is located more so in the countryside, giving a completely different type of living experience than in the city center. The peace & quiet along with the surrounding landscape is perfect for those that want some downtime.

Alo Baia Sao Lourenzo: here you will have an option for either a two bedroom house or three bedroom house depending on your preference. Located directly on the beach, it is a location that is hard to beat in the Santa Barbara region of the island. The houses give you more flexibility in terms of space, and you will still find some nearby restaurants and cafes to visit during your stay.

5) Best Place to Stay in Pico

Next up, we will move onto the Central Island group. Here there are four islands to choose from including Pico.

The island of Pico cannot be missed (literally). It is home to the highest point of not only the Azores, but all of Portugal – Mount Pico.

Throughout the island there are a couple main areas to consider situating yourself. You can either stay in the main town of Madalena or opt for the town of Sao Roque.


Without a doubt, Madalena is going to be the go to place to stay on Pico island. The town is located on the western tip of the island and is home to the island’s airport and one of the island’s ferry terminals.

Madalena offers some of the best dining experiences with some top restaurants to choose from on the island. In addition, you are just minutes away from the island’s famous wine cooperative.

Whether you have a car or not when exploring Pico, Madalena will make things easy for you. You can find busses running through town and a good amount of taxi drivers, who can take you to your destination.

If you are trying to take a day trip to Faial or even Sao Jorge, you will be just minutes away from hopping onto the ferry.

During my time in Madalena, I rented a car for some of the time, took day trips to other islands, and hired a taxi to get to Mount Pico. All of it was super convenient starting from Madalena.

Pico Mountain Azores

Madalena Hotels

When it comes to Madalena, you will find several guesthouses and B&B type of accommodations. Below are two of the highest rated in the area:

Jeiroes Do Mar: located right in town with views overlooking the ocean, Jeiroes Do Mar is a top option when it comes to Madalena. The property is made up of modern apartments, giving guests enough space to lay out and relax at day’s end. If you are looking for a place to stay that has the views, the space, and even the terrace, then check out Jeiroes Do Mar.

Calma do Mar: the Calma do Mar B&B is another well located option for those staying in Madalena. You can choose from double rooms or smaller twin rooms, and even have the option to grab a room with a balcony. The staff is friendly & helpful, and they even provide daily breakfast for guests.

Sao Roque

Another option when it comes to the best places to stay on Pico is Sao Roque. The town is located closer to the center of the island on the northern coastline.

Here you will also find a ferry port area that can be used to get to the neighboring islands of Faial and Sao Jorge.

Nearby you will find whale watching launching points, nearby wine highlights, and the town is home to the island’s whaling museum.

It is a peaceful spot to choose from, as you are right on the water and can enjoy the small, friendly community atmosphere.

The downside of Sao Roque is that you really do need a car here as you may find yourself going to Madalena for its ferry port or its restaurants. Taking taxis back and forth can be inconvenient and expensive. Just think about that before making a final decision.

Sao Roque

Sao Roque Hotels

While Sao Roque does not have the offerings that Madalena may offer, there are still several guesthouse and apartment choices nearby the town center.

Pico Dreams – Sportfish: if you are looking for the top spot in Sao Roque, look no further than Pico Dreams. Here you will find several different sized apartments – from single rooms to three bedroom villas. There are common places for people to cook, outdoor spaces to enjoy the views, and even a pool onsite.

Aldeia das Adegas: one of the more unique places to stay on Pico is Aldeia das Adegas. Instead of your normal hotel or guesthouse, visitors can expect small volcanic cottages. These come in a variety of sizes and come with outdoor areas and views of Mount Pico in the distance.

Other Pico Hotels

For those that want to get further out of the main two towns of Madalena and Sao Roque, below are some more off the beaten path options.

Aldeia da Gingeira: along the southern coast of Pico is the town of Sao Mateus. The Aldeia da Gingeira is a top option for those that want to still be within a short distance to Madalena, but away from the town center. The property has several one and two bedroom villas along with a pool & hot tub overlooking the ocean.

O Zimbreiro: make your way all the way to the eastern side of Pico Island, where you will find O Zimbreiro in the town of Piedade. People rave about its location, its exclusivity, its warm hosts, and natural surroundings. There are gardens & a pool onsite as you get to explore a more hidden side of Pico.

6) Best Place to Stay in Faial

When it comes to Faial, I will just recommend going with the town center of Horta. Similar to many of the other island’s reasons, you can expect a more convenient location by choosing Horta.


Whether it’s the scenic setting, cultural amenities, historical landmarks, or social scene, Horta is the place to be on Faial.

The ferry port, restaurants, airport, accommodation, and many events all can be found in Horta.

Placed right along the water, it makes for a relaxing and lively setting to walk around and enjoy after a day of exploring. In the summer months, you will find several events taking place in Horta. Music, food, and entertainment line its streets, giving Horta more reasons to stay there.

When the time comes to explore the island, simply hop in a rental car, hire a driver, or grab a scooter, and be on your way. Everything is easily accessible on Faial, and Horta will offer an easy enough place to base yourself in.

Monte da Guia Horta

Horta Hotels

Horta is certainly a fun place to stay in, so why not choose one of the best hotels in the area. The below two properties offer everything you will need when it comes to a comfortable stay.

Hotel do Canal: located right by the marina and the center of Horta is the Hotel do Canal. The hotel sits right nearby the water with views of the ocean and Mount Pico out in the distance. The rooms are spacious, parking is available on site, and the wellness center is perfect to relax in at day’s end.

Azoris Faial Garden Resort Hotel: another hotel that can be found by the marina is the Azoris Faial Garden Resort. Many rooms include balconies overlooking the ocean & Mount Pico, and the outdoor pool is a great place to hang out at. Rooms range from single rooms to deluxe suites, so there is something out there for everyone.

Other Faial Hotels

If you want to get out of the city center of Horta, then check out a couple of offerings mentioned below. Waking up to the Capelinhos at Casal do Vulcao sounds like a relaxing place to be.

Casal do Vulcao: on the western side of Faial you can find the famous Capelinhos. Located right nearby this volcanic landscape is the Casal do Vulcao. The property has a variety of small houses to choose from that are within walking distance to the shoreline. The pool & garden area offers a space to relax after a day of exploring all that the island has to offer.

Quinta da Meia Eira: situated between Horta and the Capelinhos, you can find Quinta da Meia Eira. Here you can choose from double rooms or one bedroom apartments with views over the ocean. All throughout the property are common spaces, gardens, a pool, and more to enjoy during a stay.

7) Best Place to Stay in Sao Jorge

When it comes to peaceful, quiet, and laidback vibes in the Azores, it is hard to beat what Sao Jorge has to offer. The island is in the middle of the Central island group and can easily be reached by ferry or plane if need be.

The main town of Sao Jorge is Velas, home to the central port and nearby airport.


As you step into Velas, you will immediately be able to see its charm. While certainly on the quiet side, Velas has the atmosphere and heritage that is perfect for an Azorean getaway.

You can enjoy views of the coastline, walk along its beautiful streets, and be a short drive away from the rest of the natural beauty that the island has to offer (like one of the best Sao Jorge hikes).

The town itself offers some walkable streets, colorful parks, a historic church, and views all the way out to Pico island.

Velas Views

Velas Hotels

Within Velas you will have a few hotel options (one of which is the Hotel Sao Jorge Garden), alongside many smaller guesthouse and apartment type of availabilities.

Hotel Sao Jorge Garden: one of the only hotels in Velas is the Hotel Sao Jorge Garden. Most rooms at the hotel offer balconies with views of the ocean, and you can enjoy the daily breakfast & pool area during your stay. If you are looking for the top hotel option in the area, this one is for you!

Cantinho do Piano: it does not get more convenient than the Cantinho do Piano when it comes to staying Velas. The rooms are comfortable, the staff is helpful, and the outdoor terrace offers perfect views out to Mount Pico. Take a walk from the guesthouse right into town, where you will find restaurants, cafes, and more.

Other Sao Jorge Hotels

Certainly staying in Velas will be convenient, but you can get a bit further away too. I listed out two potential options down below. The first one could be the most secluded accommodation option in the whole Azores!

Caldeira Guesthouse: it does not get more off the beaten path on Sao Jorge than the Caldeira Guesthouse. It is located at Faja da Caldeira de Santao Cristo on the northern end of the island. Due to its location, the guesthouse is only accessible by hiking trail or by ATV. This is certainly the spot to be if you want one of the most authentic experiences on the island.

Intact Farm Resort: while still technically in Velas, the Intact Farm Resort is a drive away from the town center. Here you will find a set of bungalows overlooking the water and Pico Island. The host, Felipe, is super friendly and here to help you explore the island & all that it has to offer.

8) Best Place to Stay in Terceira

After Sao Miguel, Terceira is the next most well-connected island to the rest of the world. You can find international flights that make their way into Terceira in addition to plenty of domestic ones as well.

Terceira is located to the northeast of Sao Jorge, and offers many natural attractions to explore over the course of your time there.

When it comes to the main towns of Terceira, Angra do Heroismo and Praia da Vitoria are your best bets.

Angra do Heroismo

You will find the large town of Angra do Heroismo on the southern coast of Terceira, with its bountiful accommodation, food, and shop options.

The town itself has much historical importance to the Azores in general as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its churches, architecture, and beautiful streets.

Throughout the town are colorful buildings, cobble stone streets, small shops, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy.

This is another town that hosts its fair share of events, with music, entertainment and more to go around during the summer months.

Just next door to town is Monte Brasil, where you can take in views of the town, ocean, and caldeira. Heading further out of the town center, and you will be well on your way to exploring the rest of what Terceira has to offer.

Terceira Town

Angra do Heroismo Hotels

Town center is full of hotels, guesthouses and apartments. Below are a couple main options right in the heart of the action.

Azoris Angra Garden: located along the Angra Main Square, you can find the Azoris Angra Garden hotel. Rooms come in all shapes & sizes, with singles rooms to deluxe suites. The historic building has been renovated to include a pool & spa, alongside a beautiful garden. It is perfectly located to explore all that the city has to offer.

Angra Marina Hotel: if you want to stay right on the water, then the Angra Marina Hotel is your best bet. Marketed as a 5 star hotel, the property has guest-rooms with balconies overlooking the water, with more amazing views throughout the hotel. You will be hard-pressed to find a more upscale hotel in Terceira!

Praia da Vitoria

If you are looking for another town center to choose from, head up north to the beach town of Praia da Vitoria. Here you will find an Old Town with squares, shops, restaurants, & more.

Along the coastline is a relaxing promenade to walk down as you enjoy the ocean coastline. The port area is bustling with boats all along the marina.

The town is also right nearby the airport, so if you are flying in & out, Praia da Vitoria is well located to get you there.

Terceira Azores View

Praia da Vitoria Hotels

As you head up to the northern end of the island, Praia da Vitoria also has its fair share of hotel offerings. Check out below for a couple of the top options to choose from.

Atlantida Mar Hotel: one of, if not the top hotel in Praia da Vitoria is the Atlantida Mar Hotel. Many of the rooms offer balconies with stunning views over the ocean. The hotel’s pool is the perfect place to hang out in the afternoon and it is right besides the oceanside promenade. Be sure to check out Atlantida Mar if you plan to head to Praia da Vitoria.

Hotel Teresinha: another top hotel to choose from is the Hotel Teresinha. It is located within the town center and is just minutes away from the beach. You will find a pool onsite surrounding by a lush garden setting, making this a nice & relaxing place to stay. It is on the simpler side, but offers everything you need for a visit to the island.

Other Terceira Hotels

It is easy to find a hotel further away from the action on Terceira. One of my top off the grid experience recommendations would be the Caparica Azores Ecolodge – learn more about it below.

ALLuar Lodge: located between the two main town centers is the area of Porto Judeu. The property offers unique bungalows with views of the ocean and beyond. Spend some time out by the pool & its surrounding lawn after a day exploring the island. If you are looking for a more secluded option in Terceira, this can be a great option.

Caparica Azores Ecolodge: one of the most unique hotels in the Azores has to be the Caparica Azores Ecolodge. Situated within nature are these modern looking cabins that are just surrounded by greenery in all directions. It is located on the northern end of the island near Biscoitos and makes for the perfect getaway option for Terceira.

9) Best Place to Stay in Graciosa

The last of the Central island group of islands is Graciosa. While on the smaller side compared to the other islands, it is one that is often overlooked. Beaches, viewpoints, unique natural landscapes, thermal pools, and more can be found around the island.

When it comes to the best place to stay on Graciosa, that is going to be the main hub of Santa Cruz da Graciosa.

Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Located on the northern side of the island, Santa Cruz da Graciosa lays right along the shoreline.

Not surprisingly, the town is going to offer a very authentic and traditional experience. You can explore the town’s streets by foot as you check out some of its historical heritage and architecture.

Within the town you will find shops, cafes, restaurants, markets, and more. Outside of town, you will be easily connected to the top highlights that the island has to offer.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway in the Azores, Graciosa is a great addition to any trip.

Flying in the Azores

Santa Cruz da Graciosa Hotels

The small town of Santa Cruz da Graciosa has a small but solid variety of accommodation options to choose from. I have picked out a hotel choice as well as an apartment option for those that want some more space.

INATEL Graciosa: for the top hotel option in Graciosa, look no further than the INATEL. The hotel is located right on the ocean & blends its modern building with its natural surroundings. It is nearby the beach, has a pool & breakfast, and is just minutes away from the town center.

Moniz House: the Moniz House is located right in the city center of Santa Cruz da Graciosa and offers apartment like offerings for guests. The apartments are modern and well equipped, and just minutes away from restaurants, supermarkets, and the local shops.

10) Best Place to Stay in Flores

Moving onto the Western Island group of the Azores, you have the two islands of Flores and Corvo.

Since Flores is further out from the other island groups, you can expect much fewer visitors in the area. However, Flores does offer one of the most beautiful spots in the Azores – Poca da Ribeira do Ferreiro. A beautiful array of waterfalls cascading down the greenery walls that is one of the top things to do in the Azores.

When it comes to where to stay on Flores, Faja Grande and Santa Cruz das Flores are going to be your best bet.

Faja Grande

While Santa Cruz das Flores may be closer to the airport, Faja Grande is closer to many of the top spots on the island. For that reason, many actually recommend to stay here instead, so you will just be minutes away from fully enjoying what this island has to offer.

It is a place to stay if you rather be surrounded by nature and the ocean, rather than a more compact town. You will be minutes away from the hiking trails, waterfalls, and more stunning landscape.

While restaurants and food options are at a minimum here, many accommodation options can also include kitchens for you to make your own meals.

If you are looking for that more off the beaten path type of feel, then head to the western town of Faja Grande!

Flores Azores

Faja Grande Hotels

Getting to wake up right in the thick of Flores’ nature offerings is tough to beat. The couple of properties listed below are some of the highest rated in town.

Aldeia da Cuada: one of the top choices to choose from when it comes to Faja Grande is the Aldeia da Cuada. They call themselves a farmstay with renovated stone villas lining the property. You will have an authentic Azorean experience with beautiful views and be within walking distance to some natural attractions.

Villas do Mar: another nearby option is the Villas do Mar. This property has a more modern feel to it with its classy space overlooking the the nearby landscape. The villas have balconies with views of the ocean, a fully equipped kitchen, and plenty of space to move around.

Santa Cruz das Flores

Nestled between the airport and the coastline you will find Santa Cruz das Flores, the main town of the island.

Getting from one side of town to the other can be done in less than 20 minutes, which can give you a sense of how compact Santa Cruz das Flores is.

The town is located directly on the eastern coastline, giving off relaxing views of the ocean. While planes may be landing directly next to the town center, don’t expect to see many!

After a day of exploring, you can hang out with the closely knit community, have some authentic Azorean cuisine, and stroll along the waterfront.

Flores Natural Pools

Santa Cruz das Flores Hotels

If you rather stay in the main of Santa Cruz das Flores, there are some options as well. The INATEL will be the main hotel choice, while there are smaller guesthouses and apartments out there too.

INATEL Flores: one of the only hotels in Flores is the INATEL. Located just outside of the town center, the hotel is full of rooms with views of Corvo island, pleasant gardens, a swimming pool, and a delicious breakfast offering. It is the perfect spot for those looking to stay in Santa Cruz das Flores

Casas da Quinta: one of the top rated homes to rent in Santa Cruz das Flores is the Casas da Quinta. The home is equipped with everything you will need when it comes to living comfortably. The views are beautiful, the home is cozy, and you can enjoy an outdoor patio as well. Just be warned that it is about a 20 minute walk into town if headed there.

11) Best Place to Stay in Corvo

Last but not least is Corvo Island! Accessible by ferry from Flores or by plane, Corvo is the final island that makes up the Azores archipelago. While some people just do day trips to Corvo, others opt to stay overnight. And there is only one place to choose from – Vila do Corvo.

Vila do Corvo

If you opt for the overnight on Corvo, this is going to be your only option. With just a few guesthouses, Vila do Corvo is right next to the ferry port and airport on the southern end of the island.

There is one main highlight of Corvo, and that is the Caldeirao, which makes up the northern half of the island. Once you arrive in Vila do Corvo, you can join a tour that will take you up to the caldeira.

When it comes to beautiful natural attractions of the Azores, this is right up there with the best of them. By staying overnight, you will have most time to explore the caldeira and all that it has to offer.

Given that is less than 6 kilometers / 3.75 miles away from the town center, you could even walk the route as you take in the rest of the natural beauty along the way.

Once all done seeing the island, enjoy a lazy night in town, find a nice local restaurant, and maybe even end the day with a beachside stroll.

Corvo Island

Vila do Corvo Hotels

When it comes to Corvo, there are limited options available. Since many people opt to do just day trips from Flores, accommodation is harder to come by.

Joe & Vera’s Vintage: if you are looking for a guesthouse on Corvo, then Joe & Vera’s Vintage is the place to be. The rooms are quite simple but offer exactly what you need for a short stay on the island. You will be minutes from some restaurant & shops, and the owners are more than happy to help plan your time around the island.

Hotel Comodoro: surprisingly enough, there is a hotel on Corvo. The Hotel Comodoro offers twin and triple rooms along with daily breakfast for guests. Views from some of the room’s patios offer views of the landscape and ocean out in the distance. You will of course be within walking distance to the nearby restaurants and shops as you enjoy an evening out on the town.

12) Azores Questions Answered

When it comes to travel in the region, there are many questions that come up in regards to where to stay in the Azores and for how long. The below answers should give you a better sense of how to go about your trip.

How Many Days is Enough in the Azores?

This all depends on how many islands you choose to visit. In my opinion, having closer to 10 days will give you the chance to visit the main island of Sao Miguel (recommended 4-5 days), in addition to islands in the Central or Western island groups.

I would recommend setting aside around 2-3 days per island, which can certainly include a day trip to another nearby island by ferry.

At the end of the day, you will not want to rush through your time in the Azores but rather give yourself the flexibility to fully enjoy your trip.

How Many Islands to Visit?

This goes back to the question prior as it will all be about how much time you have available. While Sao Miguel is a must do when it comes to the Azores, you will need to pick & choose which other islands look best to you.

If you have more than 5 days to spare, then make your way to the Central island group, where you can situate yourself on Pico or Faial. This will give you the chance to take day trips to either one, in addition to Sao Jorge. Terceira of course is another top option that will require a few days to explore.

You can also head to the Western islands, and see Flores & Corvo during your remaining days.

Just be sure to mix and match the islands best with flights & ferries to best take advantage of your time.

What Time of Year is Best in the Azores?

To fully appreciate the best that the Azores have to offer, I would recommend a visit during the June to September timeframe (give or take). During this time, the weather is at its most stable and you should have a better chance to see the highlights of the islands.

While the weather in the Azores can always be hit or miss, you should put yourself in the best situation to not have the weather ruin your trip.

Do You Need to Rent a Car in the Azores?

When it comes to renting a car in the Azores, I would highly recommend doing so for Sao Miguel and the larger islands.

When it comes to exploring islands, it will all depend on your to do list. In general, it will always be best to rent a car so you can see the islands at your own pace.

However, in other situations it may make more sense to simply join a tour or hire a taxi for the day. If you find yourself visiting an island for more than a day, then I would advise on the car rental. If it is just a quick day trip, then a car most likely will not be needed.

Azores Hotels

That about does it for where to stay in the Azores! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to write them in below.

Also, don’t forget to check out some of the other Azores itineraries and guides up on the site.

Have fun out there and safe travels!

Hotels in the Azores

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